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KPS Against Climate Change and What You Can Do to Help

On Friday, September 20th, the KPS community took a stand against climate change by participating in the global climate by strike hosting their own school walk out. With more than 90 students participating in the strike, and with faculty and other students standing by, it was amazing to see the

community come together to raise awareness about climate change. The strike was planned by Environmental Club leaders, Tanmayee T. ’21 and Isabel K. ’20. The strike started off with a few words from Tammayee and Isabel an ended with a speech from Audrey A. ’21, followed by a few words from Summit’s Mayor, Nora Radest. Throughout the rest of the day, there were areas where students could write letters to politicians and sign petitions as well as student led discussions and presentations on climate change.

After taking part in the climate strike, I asked some students why they choose to take part in the strike.

“I choose to strike today because we can no longer sit around and wait for change. If our generation doesn’t make a difference and stand up for what is right then no one will. Our Earth is our home and our future, and that deserves protecting. - Ellie M. ‘21

“I am striking because our planet is being destroyed by mankind. We are selfishly ruining the environment and not actively recognizing the problem. I want our politicians to enact laws to help save our plants before it is too late!” - Shefali K. ‘21

Now more than ever, it is important for everybody to take a stand against climate change. The effects of climate change are already happening and will continue to worsen if we don’t do anything about it. Not only are the consequences affecting us, but they have impacted animals and their habitats. Forests are on fire, sea levels are rising, ice is melting, and it is mainly because of us. This problem cannot be solved with a small group of people, but rather it needs everyone’s help. If we can all make more environmentally friendly choices in our lives, then maybe we can begin to see a change. The Earth is our home and we need to protect it.

What’s next?

Even though the climate strike is over, climate change is not going away. Here are some things you could do to help fight climate change!

1. Write letters to politicians explaining why they should care about climate change. If we don’t take action, nothing will happen. We need to get politicians to realize the damaging effects of climate change!

2. Vote for politicians who want to help fight climate change. For those who are old enough to vote, use it to make change in our political system! If you can’t vote, there are many other ways you can support your favorite politicians through. You can support them on social media or make phone calls to people to persuade them to vote for your candidate!

3. Waste less. This includes food, paper, plastic, etc.

4. Use more soluble containers/ water bottles than plastic.

5. Eat less meat. This doesn’t mean you have to stop eating meat forever, but occasionally look for meat-less food options. The agricultural process of meat has shown to pollute the earth through the use of fossil fuels, animal methane, effluent waste and land consumption. Try eating plant based foods!

6. Consider environmentally friendly transportation. Cars and trucks pollute about one fifth of the United States global warming pollution by emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Instead of taking a car, walk, bike or carpool when you can!

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