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Friday, 3/8/19 (B Week)

Active Minds & GSA

Active Minds and GSA will be having a joint meeting today in Ms. Woodring's room during Club/Break! We will be discussing mental health in the LGBTQ+ community, and playing two truths and a lie with statistics.

Athletic Association

March Madness!!! If you didn't get my e-mail, after break we will be starting our advisory March Madness Bracket competition! March Madness is a college basketball tournament conducted every year, and we are going to have a competition to see if your advisory can guess who is going to win! Because the tournament starts in the middle of break, we are going to fill out brackets after the round of 16. Brackets will be filled out on paper during advisory on March 26th (the Wednesday we come back from break), but your advisory's bracket will only be considered in the competition if ad an advisory you collect $10 and put it in the envelopes that will be in your lounge before the Tuesday after break. All money will be donated to Special Olympics, so we hope you fill out a bracket! The competition will end at the end of March, and you can get the chance to win a basketball hoop for the back of your advisory door!!

BCA & Film Club

Hello everyone! BCA and Film Club will have a collaboration meeting today. We will be discussing Green Book and the controversy over the film, what directing through a narrow lens means, and what the green book was used for historically.

Community Service

Want to support girls? Love community service? Today, the Community Service committee will be creating cards of encouragement to distribute to girls in India at the end of March! You will get community service hours for participating :))


Happy International Women's Day! Thank you for wearing purple and feminism-related shirts in solidarity.


Day of Silence is coming up on April 12! This is a way to raise awareness of the silencing of LGBT+ voices in schools by being silent during the school day. Please sign up for Day of Silence by Friday, March 29. There will be a Google Form in your email inbox :)

Ms. Cohen, Ms. Every, Ms. Lenti, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Woodall, & Ms. Woodring

Special Assemblies regarding Mental Health will take place after break.

Public Expressions

Public Expressions will be having a meeting today during Club/Break in Ms. Cohen's room. We will be sharing our all time favorite speeches as well as playing improve games! We have food!


This is a reminder to keep submitting to the DICHOS bagel competition! We are still looking for more writing and photography submissions that can be submitted through your grades folder! If you look up DICHOS and find the 2018-2019 folder, you can submit your photos and writing submissions through there. The competition will end after break, so submit everything soon!

Mr. Semioli/Ethics Institute

Ethical Entrepreneurship Summer 2019-Join us for the most exciting program at Montclair State University Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship. Spend the week designing an actual product that you will take to market from incubation to creation! June 24-28. (July 1-2 additional optional dates.) Contact Elyse Post ( for more information and registration.

Winter Track

Today a bunch of our winter track athletes will be running at New Balance Nationals!! If you come to the Great Room at 1:30 you can watch them run in the Sprint Medley!!

Investment Club

Investment Club is having a meeting during club/break. We will be watching clips from the movie The Big Short, an Oscar winning film about 2009 housing market crash! We will also have food!

Nyakera Ogora

The Montclair Art Museum is hosting Hidden and Illuminated, a night made for teens by teens! Hidden and Illuminated is a night to explore the construct of identity—what we show to the world and what we hide—from the perspective of young adults in the 21st century. Hang out with other teens from the area and enjoy snacks, live music, a cool scavenger hunt exploring the exhibit, art activities, food trucks, and more! For ages 13+ and free admission!

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