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International Day of the Girl Festival Photos

The International Day of the Girl Festival that followed the 5k was a huge success. Students from all grade divisions, friends and family, and outside visitors enjoyed workshops, booths, and other activities, most of which were led by students. (Scroll down for pictures of student-led booths and pictures of the event.)

"I'm really happy with how the event turned out! Everyone came excited to learn about the inequalities that women face around the world and how they can help. Just making one person more aware and interested helps so much because hopefully, they will talk about it to others and the awareness will continue to spread. I can't wait to start planning for next year!" -Tarika Bansal (co-chair)

"It was an unforgettable experience to be able to share work that my sister and I have been putting together since the summer! Our documentary, A World of Sheroes, was meant to show viewers how women are making a difference in many different aspects of society and the world! It meant a lot to premiere our film during the Kent Place International Day of the Girl festival because it was an appropriate time to highlight women's accomplishments in the world." -Keerthi Jayaraman (ran a workshop)

"I conducted a workshop that featured the screening of our documentary, A World of Sheroes: A documentary featuring female change agents in the US and India. Running this workshop and screening our film was a mind-opening and gratifying experience! I was not only able to share my knowledge with the audience, but I was also able to learn important things about myself. The International Day of the Girl Festival was yet another great event that spread much needed awareness to the greater community! Kudos to the committees that planned this event, the volunteers, the runners and spectators, and of course, Ms. Clary, the director of the festival!" -Adithi Jayaraman (ran a workshop)

"I ran a booth about the struggle women face for easily obtaining feminine hygiene products. I loved running the booth because it gave myself and others the opportunity share ideas about a topic that is either looked down upon or pushed to the side. I loved everyone's enthusiasm about the event in general and their willingness to learn!" -Nicole Pavese (ran a booth)

"My booth was about how technology impacts girls education globally. During the process of researching, I found out that phones were being used to promote education. This both shocked me and really interested me, to see a phone being utilized in a way so unlike how people in our area use them. In countries where cultural norms may not promote girls going to school, and where girls may be threatened with violence if they'd do attempt to attend school, organizations like the Global Fund for Women and mWomen use technology to empower them. By giving these girls cell phones and installing cell service or routers in their areas, girls can receive lessons, homework, and even assessments on their phones. These organizations also help to promote women in STEM by offering classes to teach them how to use these phones along with computers. I really loved IDG because it gave me the opportunity to tell people about how technology is really empowering girls and helping to provide them with an education all around the world." -Madison Hobbs (ran a booth)

"I thought the day was great. I had a lot of fun talking to young girls as they played with legos. It’s so cool to talk to girls you know will be leaders in the future." -Kelsey Burrows (ran a booth)

"I really enjoyed talking to the different people who stopped by our booth, which was about Women in STEM. I loved how our booth was applicable to people of all ages, and a kindergartener's experience with it would be very different from her parent's experience, but just as gratifying." -Vivienne Germain (ran a booth)

"I had an amazing time exploring the different booths that my peers created and put so much effort in! It was extremely fascinating learning about how women in STEM are treated and how women are portrayed in the media. I cannot wait to run in next year’s 5k!" -Sofia Handzy (ran the 5k and attended the festival)

Student-led booths (click arrows!):

Photos from the event (click on photos!):

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