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10/18/21 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Mrs. Murphy

(1) The spirit clothes winners for Anti-Bullying Week were the seniors and for Respect Week were the juniors. (2) Make sure to throw excess toilet paper into the trash/toilet instead of just leaving it on the floor. (3) Lastly, between 11:30-12 the Primary School has lunch so we can’t use the tables right outside of the dining hall.

Dr. Barovero

Mid-trimester comments will be released to students on Wednesday. The comments will not include a grade range. Instead, students will receive a printed grade report for each of their classes.


Hey everyone! October is LGBTQ+ History Month, and in honor of that we will be discussing an important moment in LGBTQ+ history today. Today we want to talk about the Compton Cafeteria Riots. These occurred in 1966, 3 years before Stonewall, in San Francisco. Compton’s Cafeteria was a restaurant frequented by trans women and drag queens, where police would often make arrests. The owners of the cafeteria would actually often call the police to clear people out. The justifications for arrests were crimes such as "female impersonation." One night, a police officer went to make an arrest, and the person they were trying to arrest threw a cup of coffee in their face. The cafeteria quickly devolved into a riot. Later, people would say that this riot was a culmination of anger at the injustice they were facing. Afterwards, Compton's Cafeteria banned drag queens and trans women, promoting picketing and more riots. These riots were not taken to mean much at the time, with only one new piece written about it afterwards. However they are an early example of the movement for LGBTQ+ rights, and deserved to be remembered as such. If you want to learn more about LGBTQ+ representation in media come to the GSA and Film Club meeting in the Great Room during clubs! Check out this slideshow on the riot!

Nupur Ballal

Kent Place is registered for the Biology Olympiad! It is different from Science Olympiad in that it is only a test on your Biology knowledge and there are not different topics to register for. I will be sending out an interest form for anyone that would like to participate.


Spectrum application is opening! Spectrum is a program where high school students visit the middle school to discuss diversity issues. You will have the opportunity to share things that you wish you had known while you were in middle school.

Lit Loose

Lit Loose will be reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo as our first book of the year! We are aiming to meet in mid November. We will also be starting a new book reading competition. Gabriella will send out a Google Drive folder that has a document for each advisory. There you can enter any book you have read, starting with ones completed on September 9th, and log them. The advisory with the most books read at the end of the year will get a prize.


The Senate groups page on MyKPS has been updated! You can see all of the minutes and agendas and all the other great stuff.

Pep Squad

Pep Squad is starting up again! We are going to send out an interest form so please fill it out if you are interested in joining pep squad. Soon, we will start putting practices on the calendar so we can prepare for our performance at Grandparents Day.


DivCo has a meeting Thursday.

Hispanic Heritage Month

I want to thank everyone for their engagement throughout the month and for coming to all of our activities


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