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SIS Notes 2022: Groups

The following notes were written to groups of seniors. Please see the SIS Notes 2022 Home Page for links to individual notes and the photo gallery.

Ethics Bowl Leaders

Dvita Bhattacharya: Congratulations on graduating! Thanks so much for being great team captains this year. We'll crush Princeton next year on your behalf. Good luck at college - we'll miss you!


Maddie Popolow: THANKS GUYS FOR A GREAT YEAR. You really carried and I know the whole team is going to miss you so much next year. Eat many vegetarian lasagnas in college <3

Math Club Leaders

Maddie Popolow: Thank you so much for being amazing co-presidents this year. I'm so glad I got the experience to lead alongside both of you. I will definitely miss it next year, but don't worry, Math Club will stay the coolest club. HAVE FUN AT COLLEGE!!!

Spring Track Seniors

Alyma Karbownik: Congrats on finishing the year!! Thanks for being such awesome leaders for the team. It won't be the same without you all, but I know the next few years are going to be so fire at college. Thanks again and good luck!!

Perf Co Seniors

Veronica Melendi: Thank you all for being such great role models this past year! You definitely helped me improve on my writing, acting, and directing! The shows this year were absolutely amazing and you are all such great actors! Best of luck in college, I will miss you all next year!

Sekai Marques: hi guys, perfco has been so much fun this year, and im glad to have been in this class with you guys. ill miss you guys :)

Ms Sharp-Stilliard, Ms Chaffee-Cohen Advisory

Ms Cohen: Sticking with the advisor-with-a-hyphenated name... so strong. Congratulations. After Ms Chaffee-Cohen left, I knew you were in good hands with Ms Sharp-Stilliard, and I hope she doesn't think I'm creeping on her advisory, but I've been seeing you, watching your growth, and loving all of you the whole time. See photo of Ms Chaffee-Cohen and me on Back to School Night your 9th grade year and have feelings. What kind of feelings? I dunno. Happy 2022: Grace Jones, Crystal Jong, Kelsey Katt, Selena Liu, Miranda Lorsbach, Charlotte McCann, Cadence Rice, Sabrina Skyers, Elizabeth Sorvino-Mancini, & Kathryn Tucker.

Mock Trial Leaders (Maggie Sher, Kathryn Tucker, Annabel Prunty)

Colette Gentile: Thank you for such a fun and memorable year in Mock Trial! I couldn't have asked for a better group of leaders. I have so many amazing memories, and I will never forget the hilarious things we witnessed during scrimmages or eating cold fries and singing "Hello Girls" music at 10 o'clock on a Tuesday night during counties. Good luck in college and beyond! We'll miss you!

Soccer Team Seniors

Addison Ismael: Thank you guys for an amazing first soccer season! So grateful to have had you guys as captains

Lacrosse Team Seniors

Lily Gomes: You all have been such great role models for the past few years. I've learned so much about becoming a better lacrosse player, teammate, and friend. So sad that you guys are leaving but I know that you will do great things in the years to come! Love you guys!

Lacrosse Senior Captains

Emma Claire Quinn; Arden, Claire, Abby; you guys are the core to our team. Thank you so much for your leadership and all you did for us. Have fun in college next year we will miss you!

Peer Ed Leaders Julie Fischer, Sadie Zeiner-Morrish, and Ariel Alleyne

Colette Gentile: To Julie, Sadie, and Ariel: thank you for being such great Peer Ed leaders this year! I had a lot of fun at every meeting and it meant a lot that you were always there to answer any questions we had, no matter what they were. Good luck in college and beyond! We'll miss you!

Peer Ed Leaders: charlotte prunty, arden meyer, and jaileen p

Maya Lalani: Thank you all for being such amazing peer ed leaders! You always listen to everything we have to say and make us feel like we are equals to you. Thank you for all the funny stories you have shared with us and good luck at your colleges next year!


Arden Meyer, Sarika Somaiya, Ariel Alleyne, Isabel Smith, Ella Gehrmann, Gretchen Cadranell

Ms. Cohen: Remember our day in the garden?! Thank you for being just a few of the amazing Contempo Casuals I got to be with in the fall.

Cadence Rice, Neera Kapoor, Anyra Kapoor

Ms. Cohen: Remember when we got to play with the doggos?!

FAB Leaders

Ella Schestag: To my fav fashionistas -- I will always look up to u all. FAB will forever remember you <333 ur all going to slay in college -- expect many visits XOXO

Fencing Team Seniors

Logan Corrales: LETS GO SENIORS!!! Y'all were absolutely amazing all season and i really hope yall go on to (potentially) fence in College. We're gonna miss you guys so much!! Please come back and visit! - Logan

Ice hockey seniors (Pilar Torres, Ellie Hegeman, Francesca Wan)

Mary Carter: Thank you so much for such a great hockey season!! Being on the ice with you guys was seriously the highlight of my junior year. I'm going to miss you all so much next year (but more importantly, Wuj will be lost without you). I wish you all the best next year!! And I will give you guys updates about who is forced to play defense. - Mary

JSA Leaders


Karla Perdomo, Nia Williams, Ella Gehrmann, Emma Yang, Sherry Harney, Arden Meyer, Francesca Wan, Bronwyn Terry, Claire Bugliari, CC Wolf, Kate Lowry, Miriam Shoman, Anyra Kapoor,

Ms. Cohen: Y'all were my people during the Sophomore Special! You roped, balanced, hiked, played on swings, told me about the Moon Festival, and generally rocked :D

KP SWIM SENIORS (Emma, Anyra, Zoe, and Francesca)

Lizzy Washburn: YOU ALL ARE THE BEST #dawgzgettingthedub

Lit Loose Club Leaders

Nia Gitau: I really enjoyed my time in Lit Loose! Thank you for making this club so much fun and cultivating such interesting discussions in every meeting. You both really made Lit Loose special, and the club will miss having such great leaders. Good luck next year!!

Multivariable Class

Seema Parmar: I wanted to start this note with a pun about partial derivatives or triple integrals but after 5 minutes of contemplation I think I’ll leave the jokes to you all. We have been through many leaderless discussions, wonderful (or wasteful, depending on the perspective) Wednesdays, a progression of an ever increasing number of variables, and many more math jokes. I’ll just say this simply - you all are my role models in both math and in other various respects. I knew many of you last year in math. We were in this hybrid environment, I was afraid all of these intimidating juniors would dislike me, and we had an impending AP exam. Even though you all undoubtedly had more work than me, you helped me out and added humor to a stressful April and May. Throughout junior year, it was actually a recollection of the example you had unknowingly set that year that helped me get through more work heavy weeks. Some of you I had in 9th grade or just this year. Either way, you all influenced me (and my work ethic) in class this year. There were many days I had been on the verge of zoning out as another example full of unfamiliar letters was written on the board. But all of you would attack each problem with curiosity and vigor. It is this dedication and determination that is so awe-inspiring. But that isn’t all! You all communicate so clearly with both each other and the teacher, and are able to articulate both your ideas and frustrations so fully - you set an example that I hope to someday carry on. I have no doubt that you will all go on to do amazing things, math related and not. We joke around in class, but it is difficult for me to express just how much I admire each of you. I know I will never have another math class like this again. Finally, I just wanted to say thank you. The energy you brought to the classroom was (is?) impeccable. You all are not just math leaders, but future-engineers, current dancers, student-government leaders, (ethicists?), frog enthusiasts, physics scholars, my-math-role-models-since-third-grade-in-math-league, my neighbors (haha), musicians, and my role models in other classes as well (such as Spanish or Chemistry…). It is these unique talents that bring unique perspectives to our math classroom and I truly believe helped learning multi so much easier but also helped me learn so much about all of your talents that will help me in the future. So in easier terms, our class has curl but our divergence is zero (I think). Good luck next year!

Nia Williams and CC Wolf

Ms. Cohen: You're a great pair of friends and Dora the Explorer Blanket lovers. Congratulations :D

Ninth graders of the class of 2022

Ms. Cohen: The photo is y'all as 9th graders! I believe this was the moment before you stepped it up into 10th grade.

Sanjana Shah and Victoria Nouss

Ms. Cohen: Excellent Local Litting it up, and this is you after High Point. You did it! Congratulations!

Soccer Captains

Emma Claire Quinn: Soccer this year was so much fun! Thank you Claire, Arden and Ariel. We will miss you next year!!

Squash Team Seniors

Addysen Downey: HI GUYS thanks for making squash season so much fun as usual!!! we are all gonna miss you guys so much, but def come to nationals to watch us play (and WIN) next year

Piper Walsh: CONGRATS SENIORS 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼!!!!! 🏸😄

Volleyball Team Seniors: 

Annika Bhatia: Dear Volleyball Seniors, Thank you for such an AMAZING 2021-2022 season!!! You guys helped lead us to victory and we cannot be more grateful for the friendships and bonds we have made with you! We love you so much, and best of luck in college!!! KART FOREVER 💪🏐 Love always, your volleyball underclassmen 🤍V

V Field Hockey Team Seniors

Maddie Popolow: THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT SEASON. I had so much fun in the fall and you all helped make this team into something really great this year!! The whole team will miss you so much next season!

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