SIS Notes 2021: Groups

The following notes were written to groups of seniors. Please see the SIS Notes 2021 Home Page for links to individual notes and the photo gallery.

Block H BC Calc Seniors

Block H BC Calc Juniors: i isn't real but this class has been. good luck in your future endeavors <3

Chamber Dancer Seniors

Cadence Rice: Hi Chamber Dancer Seniors! All of us juniors loved being in your senior projects and had a lot of fun learning your dances. Dance will not be the same without you and we will miss you so much.

Ayana McMillan: Thanks for being the most iconic dancers in Chamber Dancers history. I'll miss you guys! xoxo

Cross Country Seniors

Emily Shewchuk: I'm going to miss you all next year, cross country won't be the same without you! Have fun in college!

Ethics Bowl Seniors

Miranda Lorsbach: Jenna, Caroline, and Elizabeth -- Every practice and competition I have been amazed by how eloquent and just brilliant you all are. You have really been the best role models ever since I came freshman year, and I’ve had the best times on the team with you guys. From chocolate covered graham crackers to Millburn Deli to the end of the fateful Chinese food tradition to Jeff with a G (our beloved Geoff), you guys have been there to laugh alongside and stress alongside. It is not going to be the same next year! Again, you all impress me everyday with just how capable you truly are in every sense of the word - I know you are going to go on to do AMAZING things in college!!

Ethics in Action Team: Shefali, Eliza, and Natasha

Diana Reig: Thank you for being so welcoming to me as a freshman! I enjoyed seeing you at tennis practices this year and then also being in an Ethics in Action team with you! Our meetings were always full of laughter and lightheartedness and we worked so well together as a team! I hope you are excited and ready to go to college and I can't wait to see what you guys accomplish! Have a great summer!!

Ice Hockey Seniors

Scarlett Gibby: Hey ice dragz! It has been an honor to play with you these last 2 years! I am going to miss all of you so much, but I know you will do amazing in college!!! Thanks for making every day so much fun and hyping me up on the bus! Who's name will Wuj not know now?! I'm so proud of you! Have fun next year!!

Peer Ed Leaders: Hope, Ashley, and Peyton

Annabelle O'Brien: Thank you for being such great Peer-Ed leaders. You really helped all of us get through our Freshman year and our first year in the Upper School. Thank you again for everything and good luck in the future!

 Peer Ed Leaders: Sophia, Kendall, and Gabby

Cassie Miller: Hey Sophia, Kendall, and Gabby - Thanks for being amazing peer ed leaders! I had so much fun in peer ed and you all were so honest, so your answers were super helpful. Thank you!

Robotics Co-Leaders

Sophia Chimenti: Thank you for being great robotics leaders this year! Best of luck next year in college!

Robotics Team Seniors

Roshni Kopparapu: I'm going to miss you all so much in robotics next year! You guys have been such great people to work with, it won't be the same without you all.

Ruby and Molly Kelley

Georgia Rabin: Hey Ruby and Molly! Thank you for being the BEST tent mates on the Girls Outdoors trip in my freshman year. It was so much fun getting to know you then, and I still have lots of ~cute~ footage of us dying in the freezing cold. Anyway, best of luck next year, you are both going to do AMAZING things! 🥰🏔

Tennis Seniors

Georgia Rabin: Hi Tennis Seniors! I am going to miss you so much next year! Thanks for bringing good vibes and good playing to the courts every day. I wish you the best of luck next year. Hopefully you’ll find a way to play a little tennis at college too! Anyway, thanks for all the good times, the team won’t be the same without you.

Varsity Volleyball Seniors

Lauren Osuala: I'm going to miss you guys so much! From the first day I got to Kent Place, we all clicked so well and I felt so welcomed. I know each of you will move on to AMAZING things in the future, and I can't wait to hear all about it. Love you guys!

Viola Squad Seniors

Georgia Post-Lipnick: viola squad! I will miss you all dearly next year. we are single handedly the most amazing viola section to ever exist. cannot wait to attend all your orchestra concerts in college and remember don't practice too much!!!

Volleyball Seniors

Charlotte Betz: You guys are amazing, and volleyball won’t be the same without you next year!

Margeaux Morial: Thank you so much for the volleyball season this year, and for the entire year as well.  You have all been so helpful and have really taught me how to be a better player and teammate.  Working and playing together with all of you has been so much fun!  I wish you well in your college journeys and in the future.