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Sleep Deprivation in the Kent Place Community

A Starboard Survey titled “Kent Place Sleeping Stats” was conducted in early October to see how many hours of sleep the average student receives. This survey was sent to both the Middle and Upper school Students and received 201 responses.

The survey also asked which activities/things contributed to the amount of sleep you get per night.

  • 93.5% of students claim that homework is a cause of sleep deprivation.

More specifically, 100% of Upper School students thought homework was a cause of sleep deprivation, while only 86% of Middle School students concurred.

  • 76.1% of students agreed that studying for quizzes/tests was a cause of sleep deprivation.

Upper School students tended to check this box more than the Middle School students.

  • 63.2% of students claimed that stress contributed to their lack of sleep.

    • The question did not ask what the stress was about.

  • 58.2% of students said that sports was a cause of sleep deprivation.

  • 43.3% of students said outside of school commitments keep the awake at night.

  • 40.8% of students thought that social media contributed to lack of sleep.

It is important to note that the social media percentage was lowered by the middle school respondents, compared to those who responded in the Upper School. This could be because some middle schoolers do not have social media due to their age. Instagram, for example, requires all users to be at least 13. Although that is often not the case, the app is designed for teenagers and adults, meaning that many 6th and 7th graders would not have Instagram at this point. For more on this topic, please see my other article, “How Social Media Affects our Sleep.” For more information on this particular aspect of the survey, please read Social Media, Sleep, and Statistics.

  • 27.9% of students thought that family responsibilities contributed to lack of sleep.

  • 13.4% of students said dance contributes to lack of sleep.

  • 8.5% of students said clubs/publications is a factor contributing to lack of sleep.

  • 5.5% said choir was a factor, 5% of students said orchestra, 4.5% of students said jobs, and 3% of students claimed theater contributed to lack of sleep.

The form also had an option to “write in”other options that were not listed. Many of the responses included standardized test preparation, using electronics (other than for social media), college applications, tutoring younger students, and reading. Reading was a response from Middle School students only.

*Please note that any option below “Orchestra” was written in by a KPS student.*


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