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Perf Co Performs Live!

It’s been almost 2 years since you last saw the Performance Company (aka Perf Co) performing live in the Hyde and Watson theater! However, this past Friday, January 21st, 2022, Perf Co performed its show Chit Chat Chuckle to make the KPS community live, laugh, and maybe even love!

All pieces performed in this show were comedy and centered around the theme: It’s all about us… I mean ME! Perf Co actors, Leah Cohn, Ellie Hegaman, Gabriella DePlasco, Bronwyn Terry, Jan Luo, Veronica Melendi, Sydney Humes, and Sekai Marques, wrote all the pieces in the show.

2021-2022 Perf Co Ensemble

Sekai Marques, a junior at KPS and Perf Co member, remarks, “there were so many moving parts included in this show, and I’m so proud of everyone and the work we put in to make this happen. It was a really great show, and I can’t wait to do this all again!”

Perf Co will be performing again sometime in the Spring (date to be determined) and hopes to continue to bring some joy to the Kent Place community, whether that be from a grandma trying to poison her family with a green chicken or an awkward date scene.

Ms. Walden, Perf Co teacher and director, said, “I was so proud of our students being able to express themselves in ways that made people laugh.”


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