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Never played Stix before? Here's what to expect:

By Audrey Alix

Have you never played sticks before? Get ready! It’s coming this April and things are about to get intense. Why sticks? When I asked Student Affairs president Claire B. she told me she loves it because “it allows us to see the competitive side of KPS students”. For those of you who have never played, here are 10 things to expect about Kent Place’s most ~competitive tradition~:

1. People get really into it

2. You will definitely be paranoid

3. Alliances will be broken

4. People will be poking their heads outside of classrooms, bathrooms, etc.

5. People are going to stalk your schedule; that’s normal.

6. Friendships and loyalty will be tested

7. Human blockades will become the new normal

8. The hallways will be ghost towns

9. You will be told not to run in the hallways, but that will happen anyways.

10. Don’t know who you have? The student directory will become your best friend.


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