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5/02/22 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

May Heritage Month Planning Committee

Starting at the end of this week each Friday during Morning Meeting students will share about their AAPI heritage and on Mondays others will share about their Jewish heritage. There are numerous activities planned to commemorate Jewish Heritage and AAPI Heritage Month. Please check the Weekly Updates document each week to see all the events.

Madame Moreau

Congratulations to all of the dancers who performed on Friday in the Evening of Dance! You all did amazing!

Mr. Walz

AP exams will run throughout this week and next week in the Chorale, Commons, and Library study rooms. Please be mindful in the hallways if you see that there is an exam in progress. In addition, if you are taking an exam you do not need to attend classes that day. Here is the document with standard and extended time exam dates, times, and locations.


APICA Night is going to be one May 20th. We will have food! Look out for an email about information about volunteer opportunities.

Harambee Chamber Orchestra

Harambee Chamber Orchestra (directed by Mr Thornhill) has a performance on Thursday at the Woodland at 7!


MUN elections are coming up -- please see Eirian's email for all the info!

Arts Committee

The Arts Festival sign up will be released soon. If you would like to present or perform art during the festival on May 23rd you need to fill it out by May 9th. Also, we are having a bake sale on Friday to raise some money.

Dr. Barovero

Please only fill out the course feedback forms when each teacher announces it during class. It should only take up 15 minutes of your time.

Ms. Hager

Just a quick follow up to my announcement on Friday about the Art as Protest, Gender Pay Gap conversation that, by request, we are planning to put the discourse back onto a wall for people to continue collaborating on. Please remember to keep to the community norms.


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