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5/11/21 Announcements

Mr. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Online Clubs - Meetings/Links/Schedules: here

Mrs. Murphy

When you are filling out surveys please be thoughtful. People send surveys to collect information so please do not distract from that. The sophomore luncheon is tomorrow and the weather is looking nice. Test kits must be in tomorrow morning by 9:45. Senior lifers need to read the email I sent out.

Ms. Hager

It is now time for all members of the KPS community to vote for this year's winner of the Citizenship Cup. All seniors are nominated and eligible to win. Mrs. Murphy will be posting the ballot. Voting will be open until Friday.

Ms. Grysko-Rodriguez

Where Ethics and Economics meet: Join us this summer for an amazing program sponsored by the Ethics Institute. Consider the "trade-offs", resolve ethical dilemmas related to economics, engage with business and government leaders. Dates: July 26th-30th. More information is on the Ethics Institute website!! Please register on this link.

Community Service Committee

Please donate to the First Night Kit Drive! These are being assembled next Friday and will be given to people living in transitional housing. An email will be sent out today with details on what to donate. Anything that you can give will be appreciated.

Ms. Hall

Congratulations to Nupur Ballal for completing the semi final round of the National Biology Olympiad. Her score on the exam places her in the top 5% nationally out of the 10,000 students that took the exam.

Active Minds

Active Minds is hosting a mental health conference in partnership with Pingry and Newark Academy this Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm. See the email (either from Kayla or Sarah) for more information. We are also participating in mental health month and will be doing a different activity during each meeting.


Senate will be hosting a town hall meeting during the committee block on friday. The two proposals are related to using gender neutral pronouns in the handbook and creating an arts committee.


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