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4/28/23 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here

Ms. Ianuzzi

On behalf of the Math Department, I would like to acknowledge those students who took the AMC 10 and 12 Exam in the fall. Ella Culligan, Chelsea Cui, Anna Gambuzza, Emma Geppel, Angela Hong, Kayla Peng, Medha Sahay, Ishani Wadhwa, Quinn Walters, Caitlin Williams, Maya Yie, Miranda Wang. Miranda also earned a certificate of distinction and a qualification for the AIME because her score placed her in the top 5% of all scores on the exam nationwide. Miranda also received the Akamai Certificate of Excellence for her outstanding achievement on the AMC. Congratulations to all those who participated this year! Please come up to see me after Morning Meeting to receive your certificate.

Cornerstone Family Programs

The Cornerstone Foundation will be hosting a 5k fundraiser on Sunday, 4/30 at 9am at Lewis Morris Park. Here is a link if you’d like more information!

Mr. Walz

As AP Testing season approaches, please keep a few things in mind. If you’re going to be late to school on a testing day, please be sure to contact Ms. Murphy. If you’ll be absent, make sure to call the attendance hotline to alert us that you won’t be present for testion. Also, there are no snacks, drinks, or electronics allowed in the testing rooms. Please listen to your proctor’s instructions when taking the exam to avoid issues. Also, testing areas will be marked with orange cones- if you see these as you’re walking around campus, please make sure to be quiet so as not to disturb testers! Find the exam calendar here.


Check out an article that Victoria N ‘23 posted to the EconLife blog!


Seema P ‘23 gave the third and final Judiciary report.


We know you’re all super excited for Celebrate Neurodiversity Day, so we wanted to remind you of a very important part of this event- our panel featuring neurodivergent and disabled students! The panel will be on May 2 from 10:30-11 in the Great Room. Here is the link to the anonymous question box where you can enter any questions you’d like the panelists to address. We hope to see you at the panel!

Morwen Xu

I have an organization called Color4Ukraine that supports children in Ukraine. You can either choose to make a direct donation, or you can fill out coloring pages that will then be mailed to children in Ukraine. Thank you and I hope you consider helping out!

Math Club

Hi everyone! We’re here to announce that we’re looking for 5 new leaders for our math facilitation program! The Math Facilitation Program teaches primary schoolers advanced math concepts (similar to the type previously in math competitions) while helping them gain investigative skills. Meetings are typically held after school once or twice a semester. Fill out this form if you’d like to apply to be a leader!


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