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3/4/22 Announcements

B Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Ms. Murphy

A reminder to be at Morning Meeting before 8:15 so we can start on time. Also, please make an effort to clean up the school because Revisit Day is on Tuesday!

Ms. Hall

The results of the USA Biology Olympiad competition just came out yesterday, and Nupur Ballal made it to the semifinals! An additional congratulations to all other participants.


We are hosting a privilege walk on Monday at 2:30. Attendance is mandatory for everyone. Meet on the upper field at 2:35 latest.

Donations for Ukraine

All the divisions of the school will be participating in a donation drive for the people of Ukraine. It starts on Monday, March 7 and ends on Friday, March 11. There was an email sent out with a list of needed items.

History x Students Collab

We will have a meeting next Thursday, March 10 about Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Attendance is mandatory.

Ms. Woodring

March is Women's History Month. In celebration of this, check out “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou.


If you arrive at school late, you must still sign in. You can enter a reason why you’re late, and this counts as using a gift. Since we have entered the third trimester, everyone has three gifts to use. There is no need to email Ms. Murphy to activate a gift. After using up all your gifts, you will receive a minor for each time you’re late.

Ms. Hurley

Shoutout to Courtney Crowder, who was able to identify 13 out of 13 Black authors for the Black History Month writers challenge!

Ms. Smith

As we near the day that the mask mandate will be lifted, the members of our community will make different choices concerning the wearing of masks. Please remember to be respectful of each individual’s choice. This includes what you post online. A reminder that the health office and KPS buses still require masks.

Digital Media Group

No Phone Day will be held on Wednesday, March 9! We want to encourage our community to be more present. The goal is for everyone to drop their phones off at their advisory rooms in the morning and go the entire school day without using them. There will be a schoolwide Kahoot, a scavenger hunt, and fun activities like board games throughout the day to keep you occupied. There will be points awarded to each grade, and the most participation will receive a great prize!

Dr. McCreary

Congratulations to Catherine Paris for a winning submission to a national congressional conference!


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