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5/11/20 Announcements

Mrs. Murphy's Weekly Updates: click here Morning Meeting Madness:

Mrs. Murphy

Seniors - in advisory this week, you will be starting to write your "blurbs" for graduation.

Attendance- please make sure you are signing in everyday - if I send you an email, please respond. We need to make sure that you are okay and attending classes.

End of year information - I will be setting up some times to talk about end of year activities as well as sending out a survey on Friday.

APICA In honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, Emma Yang and Kayla Kim shared aspects from their cultures with the community!


Congratulations to Alexandra Pereira for being accepted to the Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology. Admission to this prestigious summer program is very competitive with fewer than 25% of applicants receiving offers of admission. We are so very proud of Alexandra and we wish her luck this summer in GSET!

Ms. Smith

I am holding pop-up lunches to talk/check in with each grade. Thursday (from 12-1) will be the 11th grade lunch, Friday will be 10th grade, and the 9th grade lunch will be held next week. It is not mandatory but I encourage you all to stop by!!

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