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4/6/20 Announcements

4/6/20 A Week

Mrs. Murphy's Weekly Updates

Ms. Bianco

Mindful Movements for Computer Users - 3 eye movements for extended screen time - cups, circles, turns.

Dr. Porterfield

Starting Monday, April 6th, the Writing Center will be going virtual. Teachers working in the Writing Center will be available at the times posted on the schedule (see link) to hold virtual appointments about your works-in-progress. Just type your first name and last initial next to an available time slot, and the teacher will reach out to you with an invitation to a Zoom meeting or a Google Hangouts conference.

Community Service

KPS Athletics Department and the Ethics Institute project: The Athletics Department, in partnership with the Ethics Institute, is organizing an "Ethics in Action" service project. Overlook Hospital in Summit is in need of personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically masks. We are reaching out to the KPS community to gauge interest and ability in lending helping hands to this important cause. Please fill out this Google survey, as soon as possible, if you or someone you know are interested in volunteering for this project. Check out this video that describes how to make a mask to gain a sense of how it's done/how long it might take to make one. We will share more detailed information on the project for those who have signed up to say they are interested.


Look out for an email from a Cargoes editor where you can submit photos of yourself distance learning and social distancing!! We need participation from every grade (faculty included)!! Remember to respect community norms and to not disrupt classes. Thank you!!

Prez Co

Tomorrow we will be having a virtual spirit day! The theme is beach day so dress up in school appropriate beach attire. A screenshot of your advisory will be submitted for the Presidents Council to vote on. The advisory voted on as most spirited will get a prize!!


A reminder about the announcements page on Starboard and how to access it:

If you go to and click "announcements" (or go directly to, you can find MM announcements for this week and previous weeks (and the MM Madness!). You can also find the weekly updates, schedule, and teachers' office hours. We keep it updated so it can be helpful to you! :)

We kindly ask that all faculty and students please fill out the announcements form before MM, and please write your full announcement clearly. This is really important, because in addition to helping Sofia organize, it also ensures that we can include every announcement in the write-up.

Please reach out to if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions! Thanks!

Morning Meeting Madness A joke from Sofia's mom:

“What did the seed say to the flower?”

“Okay bloomer!”

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