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4/3/20 Announcements

Ms. Murphy's Weekly Updates: click here

You can always find the Weekly Updates at, as well as the schedule and teachers' office hours.


The Bioethics Symposium is on Monday, April 13, 2020 during Lunch and Flex Time. It will be virtual this year. You will receive a form to indicate which presentations you would like to attend with your advisory. Please fill it out. Bioethics scholars have been hard at work, and they are very excited to present their projects to the community. Please come!

Community Service Committee:

Adithi and Jenna created a document with a list of ways to give back and opportunities do service remotely! The list will include organizations that support a variety of causes, some of which address current local issues (e.g. economic hardships faced by many people as a result of the pandemic). Though you are encouraged to donate to the organizations, the list will also include activities that you can do at home to support the organizations and causes while social distancing.

Ms. Justice:

Ms. Justice is happy to be a resource while we are remote-learning. Please email her to set up times to chat, to ask questions, etc.

Additionally, Ms. Justice has a few tips regarding inclusion during this time:

  1. Be aware of your language. "Physically distances; socially connect."

  2. Be an ally or an upstander.

  3. Use the appropriate name when discussing the disease (COVID-19) or the virus (the Coronavirus).

  4. Affirm others.

  5. Share financially.

  6. Be kind and patient to yourself, your family, and others.

  7. Set a personal goal.

  8. Take care of yourself.

Ms. Smith:

Ms. Smith is happy to meet with you! You can meet with her during her office hours or reach out to schedule a different time.

Ms. Gentile:

Please fill out the anonymous remote-learning survey by 8:30 am on Monday. It is in your email inbox and should take fewer than five minutes.

Morning Meeting Madness:

Your quarantine horoscope!

Aries: this week, you will spend time in your basement.

Taurus: you will spend time in your bedroom.

Gemini: you will spend time in your kitchen.

Cancer: you will spend time in your living room.

Leo: you will spend time in your dining room.

Virgo: you will spend time in your bathroom.

Libra: you will spend time in your sibling's room.

Scorpio: you will spend time in your parents' room.

Sagittarius: you will spend time in your backyard.

Capricorn: you will spend time in your front yard.

Aquarius: you will spend time in your attic.

Pisces: you will spend time on your porch.

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