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Morning Meeting Announcements 2/14/20

2/14/20 A Week


GLAM’D will be holding a drive for feminine products in collaboration with the 28 Days Project, a local nonprofit that provides feminine care products to underprivileged women and girls. We’ll send out a list of exactly what’s needed and the drive will run for about a month! Any donations you can provide are greatly appreciated.


Black Cultural Association's Forum is taking place on Wednesday, February 19th from 6:00-8:30 in the Great Room! Come for good food and great discussion.

Black History Month

This is a Black History Month announcement where Aya will be talking about some aspects of her black experience. Topics like this will be discussed at the BCA forum, which is something that everyone should come to!

Environmental Club x Girls Outdoors

Today during Club/Break [or at our next meeting], Environmental Club and Girls Outdoors are having a collab! We are going to be discussing the environmental rollbacks under the Trump administration. We welcome all opinions and knowledge. Even if you don't know a lot about what's going on, you can learn something knew! We also have snacks!

Ms. Stevenson

On Thursday, Feb. 20. the PE, Health and Wellness Department will host an assembly during club/break at 11:30-11:55am. The assembly will focus on Social Media and your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Brette Brier serves as the Regional Protective Intelligence Analyst for Facebook and will join us for the day speaking to parents and visiting classes in all three divisions. This assembly will serve as you PE lab workshop. There is a link posted in the morning meeting announcements page and the PE lab class page. Students can use this link to submit questions for the presenter. Please contact Ms. Stevenson if you have any questions.

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