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Monday 11/18/19

Community Service

Please bring in your food items! The last day to bring them in is Thursday for seniors and Friday for everyone else. You can put them in your advisor's room! Thank you!

Ms. Thomas

Congratulations to all US Theater students for two outstanding performances. Perf Co. enthralled the US with a fabulous blend of serious and hilarious scenes. Radium Girls was a true testament to the dedication and artistry of a fabulous cast, crew and director. I’m so proud of all your hard work and dedication. Bravissimas!!

Green Key

Hi all! The second Kent Place Open House will be held next Saturday! (Nov. 23) Please be sure to keep your lounges clean and ready to welcome prospective students and their families into our space!


This weekend JSA members attended their first overnight conference of the year, Fall State, and it was a great time with a lot of Kent Place students going up to speak, moderating, or asking grilling questions. Look out for big things coming for the rest of the year from us because this is just the beginning. Our next overnight conference will be Winter Congress in February, but before that our Kent Place JSA chapter will be holding its own chapter conference!

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