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Halloween Moods

When it’s finally October 1st:

When you promise yourself that you are going to plan your costume early:

But, then it is October 30th and you still have not found a costume:

And when you go ham on Amazon:

But, when the costume actually arrives:

Or when your package arrives on November 1:

When you get that morning meeting announcement that PerfCo is performing:

When you finally understand the PerfCo jokes:

When the children judge you for still trick-or-treating:

But, you don’t care as long as you get candy:

When you and your friends are planning what houses to get king-size at:

When the Halloween candy sugar high kicks in:

When Halloween ends and you get sad because you won’t get to dress up till next year:

But, then you remember spirit week is starting!

Source: GIPHY

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