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9/20/19 ( B week)

Michelle Murphy

You must wear your ID and access cards. You will receive minors for not having it on. Officer Darren and officer Jairo explained the lock down drills as we will have one this week. Dismissals time and bus departure - need for efficiency

Environmental Club

Today--Friday, September 20--Kent Place School students and faculty will join the millions of youth and adults taking to the streets around the world to demand transformative action against climate change. Our demands are for politicians and leaders to eliminate the use of fossil fuels completely, create a just transition into a green economy, and hold polluters accountable for their actions.

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee will be having its first meeting of the year! We will be doing some arts and crafts and, of course, community service! So come if you need hours, want to have a fun and relaxing time on your Friday, and eat some delicious treats!


Windward (Kent Place's art and writing magazine) will be running monthly writing contests throughout the year. The writing prompt for September is the celebration of Hispanic Heritage. Anyone can submit fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or other types of writing that explore how you understand and think about the celebration of Hispanic heritage, whether or not you share the culture.

President's Council

In order to set boundaries between the grades we want to ask for the school to not talk and mention the college process with us or ask us what colleges we are interested in.


This is a reminder to turn in lost and valuable items to the front desk, Upper school office, receptionist, or deans’ office. This practice falls under the umbrella of living by the honor code.

AP Portfolio

AP Portfolio explains their concentrations and shows a piece they've been working on.

8th grade Car Wash (Catherine Gerbino, Anna Aggarwal)

Please come to the 8th grade Car Wash and Bake Sale tomorrow (9/21) from 9-12!

Out of the Darkness Walk

Out of the Darkness Chatham Walk reminder

Robotics Team

Hi everyone, the robotics team will be having an interest meeting this Monday (9/23) from 6-7 pm! If you're interested in designing, building, or programming a robot, you should be there! No experience is necessary.

Social Committee

The Oratory Dance is tonight from 7:30 to 10:30. Admission is $8!

Girls Outdoor

Girls Outdoor club is excited to announce our fall outing! We are going camping! If you are interested, please fill out the interest form which we will send via email.

Girls' Day 5K

Sign up to run/walk in or volunteer at the Girls Day 5K on October 5th! Reminder to work on booths to everyone who is running one. An email will be sent out with the registration link and volunteer sign up! Thanks!

Hispanic Heritage Month

“What my hispanic identity means to me” -Sophie Levin and Emmy Wheatley

Athletic Association

Athletic Association will have out first meeting today in room TBD! It is an open committee so everyone is welcomed! We will be discussing our plans for the year and it will be a good time.


Hi guys! We're here to announce that we've started a Jewish Cultural Society here at Kent Place. Our mission is to create a space in our school community that is fully aware of the complexities pertaining to religious conflict and anti-semitism as they are contextualized in today’s political environment. Through education, personal experience, and allyship we hope to further illuminate the cultural diversity that exists at Kent Place by sparking conversation about the Jewish community.


Varsity soccer had a tough game on Tuesday against Union Catholic. At the half we were 2 goals down. We kept fighting and tied it up in the second half! Unfortunately, during the first half of overtime, there was an unlucky free kick at the top of the box that resulted in an impossible-to-save goal. At the end of the game, we felt really proud of ourselves for working hard till the end. It was an unfortunate loss. This Saturday, we play ALJ away. Wish us luck!


We won all of our matches this week!

Field Hockey

Varsity field hockey played Glen Ridge yesterday and won 2-1! We also have a game tomorrow against Westfield.

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