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Dog Friendly Businesses and Big Name Stores

Hello Starboard Readers!

This is Brody, my four year old Norwich terrier, who also happens to be my bff.

Like many of us like to hang out with our human friends, I love to hang out with my furry friend. I hate leaving Brody at home when I go out to eat, shop, or do other things. So, I compiled a list of fun events, shops, and other places where your furry friend is welcome! If you love your dog, read on! Disclaimer: If your dog isn’t always the nicest, or won’t enjoy going shopping with you, I think it would be best to leave your pooch at home.

Big Brand Stores:

1. Barnes and Noble:

New Jersey locations: Clifton, Livingston, Paramus, Woodland Park, Springfield, Hackensack, Morris Plains, Clark, Bridgewater.

I saw that different store locations have policies, so I called to check in with the locations at Clifton and Springfield. I was told by a customer service representative at Clifton that the policy applies to small dogs only who can be held by their human, in a small bag, purse, or in a backpack. In Springfield, I only was told that the policy is limited to medium size dogs.

Also, the policy does not apply to the Barnes and Noble cafe, where dogs are unfortunately not welcome inside (unless they are a service dog).

2. Macy’s

Some NJ locations: Livingston Mall, Short Hills Mall, Willowbrook Mall, Paramous, West Orange

Like Barnes and Noble, Macy’s dog policy is specific to the individual locations. If your dog is small and can fit into the child seat in a shopping cart, bring him along! Otherwise, make sure you call first!

3. Home Depot

Some NJ Locations: Bloomfield, Elizabeth, Hackensack, Linden, Lodi, Newark, Union (and more!)

I tried to check in with the Bloomfield location, but after being kept on hold for 43 minutes, it was time to move on. But, after doing some further research, I found that according to, that small and large dogs are welcome! And “With its wide aisles, there's plenty of space for leashed dogs to accompany you on a home improvement expedition” ( But, like any store, make sure you check in with your most convenient location before bringing Fido along with you.

4. Lush

Some NJ locations: Short Hills Mall, Willowbrook Mall, Paramaus, Bridgewater, and the Westfield Garden State Plaza.

Since many of these locations are in malls, make sure you check to see if the mall is dog friendly before bringing your pup with you. According to an article on Barkpost: “LUSH Cosmetics is well-known in the industry as a cruelty-free line of beauty products. They love animals—and it shows in how they treat dogs! Pups are welcome at LUSH retail locations” (

Although these are only three big name stores to bring your dog, there are many more! Some of which include: Urban outfitters, Anthropology, Michael’s, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Foot Locker, Free People, and more!

Miscellaneous Stores/Businesses:

1. Short Hills Mall!

Although I have never gone with Brody to Short Hills Mall before, I recently read a review on where one reviewer named Nina gave a five bone review, saying, “When we went to Guest Services to rent a doggie stroller we were well received, and when we returned the stroller they gave our puppy a beautiful card and a yummy cookie”. - source:

2. Color Me Mine (Summit)

Although I have never brought Brody to Color Me Mine, I was very pleased to see a sign on the Summit, NJ location that said that dogs were welcome in stores! Guess that means I’ll have to bring him along next time I go!

3. Starbucks Coffee Co

Although dogs are not allowed in stores, Starbucks allows dogs to sit on their outdoor patio. What makes Starbucks’ dog policy unique, is that if you ask the barista for a “puppaccino,” she will give you a treat for your pooch! Don’t worry, it’s just a cup full of whipped cream. But the best part, is that it is totally free!

So, why bring your pup shopping with you? There are so many good reasons to bring your little buddy with you, but I think that the number one reason to bring them along is simply because it gets your dog out of the house! Being a dog can be a bit boring sometimes, especially if their owner has to leave in order to run some errands. But by bringing them along, it gives them their own little adventure! Also, as any new puppy owner knows, socializing a puppy is super important, but also super difficult to find the proper place to take your pup. But, if you take your dog shopping with you, you can kill two birds with one stone: you will expose your puppy to many different sounds, sights, people, smells, objects, and more, while still getting that new jacket you needed!

Remember, a service dog is always welcome into any business (it’s the law). Make sure you call ahead at your individual location to see that specific location’s dog policy before you bring your pup! Also, if your dog isn’t into situations with lots of strangers around (it could be overwhelming), don’t stress them out and leave your pooch at home. If you want to read up on some more doggy-shopping tips, check out this article dog trainer Cesar Milan’s blog: Otherwise, happy shopping!

From Brody and I, thanks for reading!

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