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Friday, 5/17/19 (B Week)

Director of Admissions, Julia Wall

Interested in hosting an international student in your home next year? There are two new KPS students arriving from Germany and Slovakia looking for a host family, and it could be yours!

Jorina will be joining the 10th grade. An accomplished student from Germany with wide-ranging interests, Jorina plays the violin and participates in her school’s orchestra. She also enjoys photography, drama, film-making, and field hockey. Zofia will be joining the 11th grade. A bright and engaged student from Slovakia, Zofia is interested in being a psychologist one day. Involved in both short distance and cross country running, field hockey, floor ball, and mountain climbing, Zofia brings diversity to her extra-curricular life. Additionally, music and art are of interest to Zofia; she has attended art school for 10 years, has played the piano for seven years, and is currently learning to play both the guitar and ukulele.

This is a unique opportunity! If you and your family are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Julia Wall at or click here for more information.

Youth Advisory Council

Tom Malinowski, Congressman of New Jersey’s 7th District, is starting the 1st annual Youth Advisory Council. The council will gather together civically minded high school students from across New Jersey's 7th district in order to engage with them on the role and function of government. High school students that participate in this program will have the opportunity to meet collectively with Tom Malinowski and provide insight into matters important to the young people of our community. You will have to be available on Saturday, June 8th from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. Seniors cannot apply but anyone else is welcome and encouraged to join. If you want to participate, Mr. Morey has all of the information you will need to apply.


We will be holding elections today during club block in Dr. Barovero's room. If you are a member, it's very important that you come so we can put your name on the voting list and your opinion will be voiced.

Also, we have 5 days left in our menstrual product drive with the 28 Days Project (via our Amazon Wishlist). Reminder: In order to donate, click the link in the email from Grace McGinley and sign into your Amazon account first. Also, choose the 28 Days Registry for shipping address! Please consider donating if you have not yet as any donation is needed and appreciated.

We are going to hold a community packaging day for all the products on Friday the 24th, and this is open to anyone who is interested in lending a helping hand. It will probably be held in the Great Room, but more information is to come!


We will be having a meeting today! We will be playing Heads Up and the taxi game. There will be Oreos!! :)

Social Committee

Semi is TOMORROW! Get excited. Reminder to enter through the doors of the middle school lobby. Also be very mindful about being inclusive with pre-prom/semi plans. It's a time for creating new bond with your grade and taking cute pictures and having fun, not for stress. Also, if you have pre-prom or post-prom plans you must register them with the school so that Mrs. Murphy can know where you are if you are running late to prom/school. Yay!

Science Club

We will be having out monthly meeting in Ms. Ebner’s room. We will be releasing butterflies and we have Milano cookies!


We have 2 county champions and a bunch more PR's and medalists.


Emma Chan on what it means to her to be Asian American: I am Asian American, and this identity is multifaceted as well as complicated. I'm sometimes called a banana, which is a derogatory term for Asian Americans used often by others in the Asian Pacific Islander community. This can often be damaging, but I have been able to come to terms with this issue. This was a huge step in accepting myself and learning about my community!

Ms. Murphy

Click here for schedules for next week and here for the week after that. Lounges need to be clean for Semi tomorrow and for next Tuesday for an event in the Great Room.

Seniors can get money for the textbook exchange, but make sure to put an email that is not your Kent Place one that you will check on the information sheet. More senior information is on the schedules.

BCA Elections will be held Monday during lunch but is subject to change depending on how many people can make it so let one of the leaders know soon. We will have our last meeting today and the topic is a surprise.

Environmental Club

The bike trip rescheduled for Tuesday May 28! Keep an eye out for the permission slip and turn in slip with your money for the bikes.

LatinX Night

LatinX planning for next Fall is already starting! If you're interested in helping make music playlists, setting up, manning the stands, or anything else please reach out to either Michaela Markels or Sofia Tartaglia. You do not have to be LatinX to help out. Thank you, and get excited!

Active Minds

We will are having our last meeting of the year! We will be announcing leadership for next year and a wholesome and fun art activity.

Ms. Gordon

The cleaning crew is not responsible for returning dishes to the Dining Hall. If you must bring food to the Main Building, you must return the dishes.

Have a great weekend!

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