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Monday, 5/6/19 (A Week)


Clear your calendars on May 21 because Tuesday, May 21 will be ~APICA Night~!! More information to come but know that you'll get to eat some good food and participate in some lively, interesting discussion as we celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander cultures and identities during Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Jessica Kim talked about some of the history of the Korean alphabet.

Social Committee

Prom and Semi forms are due May 10.

National History Day

Congratulations to Biz Stahl and Sophie and Xenia Schmitz for advancing to the National History Day National Competition.

Jannat Chaudry

In light of Monday being the first day of Ramadan, Ms. Justice has asked me to share the importance of Ramadan.

Carol Gordon

AP exams start next week! AP students, check e-mail in case anything changes regarding start time or locations. Be mindful of hallway noise near Library. Last, the Writing Center will be closed other than for Writing Center appointments until May 21.

Mrs. Nataro

We had 43 people participate in the Marbleslides Challenge to celebrate math month. Kaitlyn Szot and Natasha Wan completed over 25 challenges each. One student’s name was drawn at random. That student is Anaika Tyagi. Kaitlyn, Natasha and Anaika - please see Mrs. Nataro for your prize.

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