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KP Girls Talk About Climate Change - Earth Week

For Earth Week this year, I wanted to get a sense of what some Kent Place students think about the current state of the environment, and how they feel about the outdoors. So, this Earth Day I got five people to answer the same question:

How do you feel about the impending threat of climate change?

“I love the outdoors because it’s a place that’s always accessible for me to escape to because sometimes we just need a place to get away. I feel like I’m always able to find a sense of peace within the natural beauty of the outdoors. But with the prominent effects of climate change, the natural beauty of the earth is quickly being stripped away, and that’s really scary.” - Stacey E.

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Personally, I love Earth Day but I find it super annoying when people post pictures saying things like ‘Happy Earth Day!’ and talk about climate change and the planet, but they don’t do anything any other time of the year.” - Paulina K.

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“I think the main issue with the environment is the water crisis. Its difficult to completely fix it, but it’s pretty easy to be mindful and make changes. Taking little steps to be mindful is something we could do to make a big difference.” - Eliza L.

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“It think what’s really scary is that people still deny climate change after so many scientists and facts confirm it. If people don’t believe in something, they are not going to help solve the problem.” Abby N.

This photo represents the amount of scientists (green) who have confirmed that climate change is a problem and is a result of human activity. The red represents the ones that don’t, while grey represents the one who have not concluded. - Photo credits:

"I think the biggest issue we face today is global warming, it’s scary that this is our responsibility, and I wish we would do more to fix it.” Ayana M.

And to conclude, here is some good news!:

“Although we have ways to go, our environment is holding its own. There are more and more people who are slowly starting to recognize the severity of this issue, and that's good news for the planet. Hopefully it won’t take much longer before the rest of the world understands it too. But until then, it's becoming more of a ‘trend’ to buy reusable straws, make less trash and more. All though we have a lot of work to do, we are heading in the right direction.” Audrey A.

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