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Friday, 2/1/19 (A Week)

Community Service

Today is the LAST DAY to order Chocolate Hearts! The form will closing at 11:30 (or the end of Club/Break), so please order them before then :))


Diversity Council will be meeting today in the Innovation Lab to discuss the incident that occurred in front of Lincoln Memorial 2 weeks ago regarding a 16 year-old boy and a Native American elder. Everyone is welcome; come to learn and have a great conversation!

GSA!! 🌈

Project Prism is tonight, Friday 2/1/19, from 6:30-9:30. It will be a lot of fun, so please come and bring friends!


At 10:30, please meet in the Great Room for yearbook photos if you consider yourself to be a member of JSA. Also,if you are going to winter congress, please get your permission slips and checks to Ms.Gordon. Finally, if you are new to the club and have yet to pay your taxes, please get your 5$ tax in.

Mrs. Nataro

Do either of these problems sound interesting to solve? BETTER ATE THAN NEVER: REDUCING FOOD WASTE Quantify the costs and benefits of re-purposing squandered food, and to recommend strategies for communities to adopt. STEM SELLS: WHAT IS HIGHER EDUCATION REALLY WORTH? Create mathematical models to quantify and consider the total costs, expected earnings, and lifestyle factors resulting from a college education, comparing the earning potential of various career paths. If you are a junior or senior, consider participating in the Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge. This is a 14 hour competition done in teams of 3-5 juniors and seniors. At the end of the 14 hours, you submit a 15-20 page paper of your solution. The winning team gets a $20,000 scholarship and other scholarship prizes are available. The competition takes place in a 14 hour window of your choice between March 1 and March 4. If you are interested in competing, please see Mrs. Nataro by February 15th. The registration deadline is February 22nd.

Ski Trip

On February 22, Kent Place will be hosting a ski trip! It is from 3:30 to around 10:30, and busing will be taken care of. We will be sending out an interest form soon to see how many people are interested, and next Friday, we will send out the permission slip. The acceptances will be based on a first come first serve basis, so watch out for an email from us!


Today is the first day of Black History Month!!! We'll have BCA members up here throughout the month telling you about what their black heritage means to them or about a certain black history figure. Today's figure is Jennifer Lewis.

Big Fish

Come see Big Fish the Musical at Delbarton School from Feb 8-10!

Mock Trial

We won semi finals! Look out for emails about practice tomorrow!

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