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Vivienne Germain: Humans of Kent Place

“Hi, so my funniest memory at school actually happened yesterday at play rehearsal. So, we were rehearsing for the play and to get started we played a warm up game. We were playing this silly game, and when there's two people left in the theater game, you two have a vegetable-off. All my life, a vegetable-off meant that you stand back to back. Then, you take three steps for, like a duel, and then you be the vegetable. You make a lot of noise, and you move, and it's just crazy. hey yelled pepper, so I started embodying the pepper. I was was jumping around and screaming. I realized everyone was staring at me like, what? And apparently that’s not what you do in a vegetable off [at Kent Place]. You are supposed to just kind of turn around and yell, Bang! So, there I was jumping around like a pepper screaming, and that is just not how it goes. So I was very embarrassed. But in the spirit of theater, strong and wrong, I owned it. So there you go.”

-Vivienne Germain

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