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Friday 12/7/18 ( A week)

Doctor Galambos

Dr Galambos discussed the anti-semitic activity in Summit as well as the passing of George H.W Bush and his legacy.

Film Club

The winner of the KP Film Festival Theme Competition is Julie Soldat. The 2019 festival theme will be "Growth." Keep up with the KP Film Club instagram @kpfilmclub for more updates about the festival date and submission deadlines.

Community Service

Snowmen Gift Exchange Reminder! Please bring your presents on Monday, and if you cannot bring your gift, today (12/7) is the FINAL day for you to let me know.


Today members will be leading the meeting with articles about current events/issues that they feel are necessary to discuss! Please come to the CFI during Club/Break to learn more.

Carol Gordon

For assembly today, please look for your advisor in the Great Room, and sit with him or her.

Lit Loose

Lit Loose will be meeting during lunch on Friday December 14th for Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too by Jomny Sun; everyone is welcome. We also will be having a special meeting on Monday the 17th during lunch details coming soon!

Jilly Sher

As you know, a few seniors were recently asked to talk about the role of Judaism in our lives. To me, Judaism means love--for people, the world, and life. First, it teaches me to love my family as well as the people who aren't as close to me through chesed (kindness) and Tzedakah (charity). Second, it encourages a sort of reverence for the world. With acts of tikkun olam (acts of kindness to repair the world), we strive to create and appreciate peace, light, and miracles. Finally, the Torah teaches us to love life and to live it fully. My grandpa used to tell us about his favorite blessing, the Shehecheyanu. It translates to "Blessed are you, Adonai our God, ruler of the universe, who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this day." Judaism teaches us to treasure life, which is why we say "l'chaim" (the equivalent of "cheers" during a toast), which means "to life." Overall, being Jewish has shown me how to love fully and relentlessly in a world where hate and darkness are often abundant.

Mr. Flakker

Mr. Flakker highlighted Sophia Bauhs’ work over the summer concerning with DNA.

ASL Club

ASL Club has a meeting 12/7 in Ms. Nataro's room across from the library. We will be learning a Miley Cyrus song in ASL and discussing the importance of music in the deaf community. We will have food!

Model UN

Model UN will be having a meeting today in Dr. Shah's room during Club/Break, and we have food!

Ice Hockey

The ice hockey team has a home game today against Princeton Day School at 4:00 at Prudential Center.

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