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When asked what my ultimate goal for this video series was, I said, “If I can inspire just one girl to follow her dreams, that would be enough.” I am the first of hopefully many ”Girls INSPIRED.”

This summer, I worked as an intern at a social impact marketing agency called CarrotNewYork. On the first day, my boss said to the other intern and me, "So... we want to do some sort of a 'thought leadership' thing with Janice [the CEO]. Something like a blog or podcast. Have your pitches ready on Friday -- we'll choose our favorite then." I had no idea what this "thought leadership" project was. There was no definition, just to involve Janice.

A week later, we pitched ideas to a boardroom of executives. I was very intimidated, but I went in with a smile and pitched my idea. The other intern pitched using a formula that she learned in a marketing class. With no marketing experience, I started my pitch with, "You know what would be fun?" I then went on to describe a video series that pairs young girls with successful women in a variety of industries. The goal of this video series is to inspire young women to achieve their dreams, regardless of any obstacles they may face. I named it “Girls INSPIRED: You Can Be What You Can't See.”

This video series was developed and produced by my fellow intern and me in just eight short weeks and came out better than I could have ever imagined! Never did I dream that what I thought up in my head would become a reality.

I hope that you will feel inspired by the wonderful women (both the young and the experienced) who were featured in these videos and that you will spread the message of female empowerment!

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