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Monday, 11/12/18 (B Week)

Film Club

Film Club showed a short movie they made displaying various camera angles.

Ms. Gordon and Student Affairs

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our Bridges lunch-making goal of 250 lunches. We did it. Thanks to all who went on the run! Also, Student Affairs gave each grade spirit points based on how many lunches they brought in! Both the Seniors and Juniors tied in bringing in the most Bridges lunches and get 5 Spirit points each. Sophomores got second for 3 points, and Freshmen got third for 1 point.


Baggywrinkle will be having its second meeting this week Thursday during lunch in Dr. Schwartz's room. Get ready to hear some work made by your fellow classmates (or, if you're feeling brave, to share some work made by you!). Also, there will probably be candy:).


Hey Everybody! This Wednesday, Kaleidoscopes will have a meeting centered around the topic of rights. The meeting will be in the annex from 3:30 to 4:30. If you can make it to the meeting, please let me know (hobbsm19) so I can have an idea of how many mentors will be coming. Here is a list of all of our meetings for the rest of the year: November 14, December 5, January 23, February 20, April 17, and May 15.


Robotics had our first competition this Sunday in Bayonne! We placed in the top 15 and won the Motivate Award. Everyone did a great job, and we are looking forward to our next competition!

Les Mis

If you didn’t get a ticket before they sold out, don’t worry -- we’re having an open dress rehearsal on Thursday the 15th at 4:30!

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