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Dog of The Week 10/1: Pebbles!

Meet Pebbles Rock Kumar, the first dog of the week! Pebbles is my (Anya Kumar's) dog.

Pebbles is a Toy Poodle who will be seven years old soon. He is a fun loving Sagittarius whose favorite movies are 'Barbie: Fairytopia', 'Titanic', 'Coraline', and 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'. For fun, Pebbles heads outside and tosses a few frisbees with the good bois. He also enjoys barking at the neighbors, wearing fun outfits, and sunbathing.

Pebbles has some quirky habits, such as moving his head into your hands for pats, hiding his food bowl under rugs, playing with yarn, and being hand-fed home-cooked chicken topped with cheese, kibbles, wet food, and oregano- he's a high-maintenance pup.

Pebbles is scared of metal objects and metal music. However, he does like rock music, as shown in his name. He's also a jumpy boy, so he loves curling up next to you and dozing off to make sure he's always safe.

Pebbles is honored to be the first ever Dog of the Week in Kent Place history.

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