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Friday, 5/11/18 (A Week)

Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey Competition

Please consider submitting to this competition themed "Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom.” Submissions can take the form of essays, journal articles, and posters. More details to follow... check MyKPS Morning Meeting/Announcements page.

Athletic Association

Our Fan of the Month for April is Mr. Cashel! He's been out to watch a lot of lacrosse games and we love the support! Our Athlete of the Month for April is Catherine Torres! Catherine recently beat the school's long jump record as she came in first at Prep States on Monday and came in first yesterday at the Conference Championship!

Diversity Council

Final Meeting in Ms. Dwyer's room today during Club/Break.

Spring Track

Spring Track is so close to victory!!! On Thursday (5/10), we participated in the first day of the Conference Championships, and we are currently in second with a total of 72 points! Josie Daab placed 1st in the 400 hurdles and 4th in javelin, Jayla Creekmur placed 5th in the 400 hurdles, Maggie Staton placed 1st in the mile and Maya Vuchic placed 6th, Kaira Brown placed 1st in the 100 and the 400, Catherine Torres placed 5th in the 100 and 1st in long jump, Sophie Bauhs placed 1st in pole vault, Abigail Evangelista placed 6th in shot put, and Julie Soldat placed 5th. Come out a support us today at GL as we try to push ahead of Oak Knoll and win the division!

Student Affairs

Student Affairs announces the winner of Stix - congrats to Yean!

Community Service

To qualify for the Community Service Breakfast, you must register your hours on link Sophie sent out by tonight!

Dr. Pantozzi

Please bring in Lego pieces! More information will be sent regarding the specific types that are needed, but any pieces of any dimensions would be helpful.

Peer Ed

Peer Ed is meeting today for the last time during Assembly Block.

Social Committee

The Social Committee discusses important housekeeping information.

International Day of the Girl

The International Day of the Girl art contest is in full effect! The deadlines for submissions is June 1.

Mr. Morey

Mr. Morey announced the winner of the Union County Historical Society's Outstanding History Scholar award, given to one public or private high school senior each year. Congrats to Jacqueline!

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