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Quick Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint (courtesy of Environmental Club)

  • Carpool or walk instead of driving

  • Don’t let your car idle when you can turn the engine off

  • Drive fuel-efficient or electric cars

  • Only print things you have to and print double sided

  • Reduce your use of disposable coffee cups and bring your own container

  • Use reusable water bottles and containers in place of plastic bottles and bags

  • Use reusable grocery bags

  • Say “no” to plastic bags; Reuse grocery bags or a cloth tote bag

  • Consciously and properly dispose of waste

  • Reduce your meat consumption and choose vegetarian or vegan meals

  • Eat local foods or foods that don’t need to be transported long distances

  • Don’t overcharge your phone or laptop to save energy and preserve battery life

  • Set your heating closer to the seasonal temperature to use less energy

  • Turn the lights off in rooms that you’re not using

  • Wash your clothes and/or shower with cooler water

  • Trim a few minutes off of your showers

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