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Friday 2/23/18 (B Week)


BCA will be having a meeting in Dr. McCreary's room. Bring your laptops! We will be discussing the Black Panther movie and making bitmojis! We will have COOKIES!


Thank you to everyone that brought it lunches!

Ice Hockey

We won the Morris Union Girls Ice Hockey League!!! Today is our last game, vs. Randolph. It is also our senior day!

Mock Trial

Yearbook picture at 1 p.m. the Great Room! Please get out of your class ASAP so we can go to lunch on time.

Lit Loose

Lit Loose has our yearbook photo. We will have a meeting today. Also, please fill out the form we emailed.

Girls on the Run

Please email Ms. Wilson if you are interested in coaching Primary and/or Middle school Girls on the Run programs this spring. It's a lot of fun!


GLAM'D is having a meeting tomorrow during Club/Break and we will begin brainstorming for our annual Dress for Success Fashion Show! Everyone is welcomed to attend.

Engineering Club

Thank you to everyone for participating in Engineers Week!!:) Because this week is engineering week, we wanted to talk about a few female engineers. Ex: Mae Carol Jemison. She was the first female African American astronaut and was an engineer and physicist on the Space Shuttle Endeavor in 1992. (I thought this would be good because it also pertains to Black History Month!) There is also Hedy Lemarr who is most famous for being a 1930s/40s movie star but few know that she invented a remote-controlled communications system for the U.S military during World War II. Lamarr’s frequency hopping theory now serves as a basis for modern communication technology, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network connections.

Winter Track

Kaira Brown and Sophie Bauhs will both be participating in Meet of Champions this weekend! Wish them luck!


Ballast will be distributing copies of its latest issue after MM today!

Dr. Porterfield

I am pleased to announce that several Kent Place students have received recognition at the all-region level of the Scholastic Writing Awards: Adrianna Guarino (honorable mention, personal essay), Lexi Hobbs (honorable mention, personal essay), Sofia Kwon (2 honorable mentions, 5 silver keys, and 1 gold key for her fiction and critical essays), Jenna Smith (honorable mention, short story), Alex Vieser (honorable mention, personal essay), and Maya Vuchic (honorable mention and silver key, poetry).

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