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Friday, 2/2/18 (A Week)

Ayana, Sarah, & Sophie

An example of a balanced plate is one that displays a vast amount of fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, and dairy! An example of a nice healthy meal could be pasta with cheese with a side salad with chicken and fruit in it! Yum!

Diversity Council & Latin@ Cultural Association

Diversity Council will be meeting today in room 229 during Clubs! Filipa and Aneela will be presenting on DACA. Please come ready to have an enriching discussion! Everyone is welcome!

If you are interested in learning more about DACA, watch the first video on this page.

Faculty Genius Committee

On Monday, February 5, all grades 10-12 advisories will meet to update their Genius Reflection Google document. The following week, on Monday the 12th, grades 10-12 will meet in mixed advisory groups.

Film Club

Film submissions are due!

Community Service

Chocolate heart payments must be in by next week or we cannot deliver your hearts! Place money in your lounge!


Happy Pride Day! Movie Night is tonight, February 2, from 5:30-9:30! Everyone is invited. Please bring $5 for pizza and snacks. The movie is a surprise. See you there!


JSA has a meeting today, and we are going to be discussing Trump's State of the Union.

Winter Track

Prep States are on Saturday in Lawrenceville at 2:00.

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