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Friday, 1/19/18 (A Week)

Community Service

Chocolate Hearts on sale from this weekend to next Friday! Show your friends and valentines how much you appreciate them-- and contribute to an important cause. Two dollars per order; All proceeds will go to the Hope for Lauren Foundation. Here’s the link!

Diversity Council

Diversity Council will be having a meeting dedicated to letter writing and petition signing connected to social justice issues that YOU are interested in making your voice heard in. This meeting is meant to be an opportunity for those to take an activist approach to social justice and diversity issues. Everyone is welcomed to come!


The fencing team beat Livingston and Governor Livingston. They have a home match Saturday and Districts on Sunday.

Mock Trial

Practice tomorrow for witnesses, lawyers, and legal aids from 9:30-12:00 in Mr. Morey's room. If you can't come and have a role, email Kate, Jacqueline, and Mr. Morey immediately.

Model UN

We will be having a closed meeting that is mandatory for those attending the conference.

Science National Honor Society

SNHS is launching our website! Check it out to get tutored!

Student Affairs

Student Affairs announces the Spirit Week scores!

Environmental Club

Environmental Club will be watching the beginning of the first episode of the series Rotten on Netflix, about the bee and honey crisis in the world. We encourage all to come, have their interest sparked, and ask questions and brainstorm ideas.


JSA has a meeting today, and we will be talking about the legislation our chapter created for Winter Congress!


The robotics team had two competitions in the past two weeks! We didn't qualify for States, but we earned about 240 points at each one. The team also gave a NJ STEM Girls presentation on outreach. Special thanks to our drive team, Gillian and Lexi! Our final robotics competition is on 2/4.

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