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2/28/22 Announcements

B Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Ms. Hager

I have a lot of gratitude for the love and support you all have shown me during this hard time. Also, congratulations to all of you that have helped organize/participated in all the sports teams, BHM events, and other events this past month. We have noticed a lot of honor code violations this year so there has been a bit of a shift. Going forward everyone will need to hand in their phones before taking a test. This goes for all classes and when in the library.

Jessica Park

I am doing a student designed research experiment about how one's culture impacts their sense of smell and taste. If you are interested in participation please fill out the preliminary survey I will send out prior to the end of the first week of break. I will be collecting data in relation to people’s reactions to kimchi.

Dragons of the Week

See this link for Dragons of the Week!


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