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12/5/22 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here


Seema gave the first trimester’s Judiciary report- let's look forward to a second trimester with even fewer infractions!

The Back to Bach Project

The Back to Bach Project is an international, student-run organization that promotes the arts to children, mostly who live in underrepresented areas and don’t have access to the arts. Charlotte Post- Lipnick is looking for a Regional Director who is involved in either classical music, dance, visual arts or creative writing. Responsibilities would include contacting libraries, schools, and anywhere else that would be a good location for a presentation for kids, recruiting members to build a team, and hosting 3 events during the year. It's a super low time commitment! If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form. Feel free to email with any questions!

Global Trips

If you haven’t yet applied, consider joining the STEM trip to Switzerland and Germany. There will be mountains, math, science, history, fun, connections, cars, and lots of energy!


In honor of December 3 being the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, club co-president Lilly continued the Morning Meeting announcement series. She shared about autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Dyspraxia.

Community Service Committee

Thank you to everyone who signed up to buy a gift for the Snowman Gift Drive! Please remember to bring in your gifts this Thursday, December 4.

Ms. Murphy

PSAT scores are coming out! Log into CollegeBoard with the same email you put on the test to view your results.

Middle School

This Thursday, December 8, the Middle School will be holding a bake sale! It will be from 10-1:30 in Atwood Hall.


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