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12/1/20 Announcements

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Mrs. Moran

Congratulations to all of our fall sports teams!

Tennis once again won the UCI championship, field union won their county divisional championship, Soccer made it to the quarter finals of their championship, and cross country won their state sectional.

If you want to sign up for a winter sports team or want to be taken off the roster of one then email Mrs. Moran and Ms. Pfeifer (the registrar). Winter sports will be starting after the new year but you will not be required to sign up for PE in the meantime. It is encouraged that you do attend PE to clear your headspace. Fairleigh Dickinson University will not be allowing us to use their pool this year so the swim team will not be held. Swimmers are welcome to try out a new winter sport. Next week there will be team meetings held for all the winter sports being held.

JCS and Liz Khidekel

For the holiday season we will be having an array of virtual Chanukah activities so stay tuned! Tomorrow we will meet about the new supreme court ruling and discuss how the pandemic has altered religious life (particularly Jewish life). Liz will be sharing about her Jewish identity to kick off this month, so make sure to give her a good listen!

Biology Olympiad

The USABO is a Biology Olympiad that is open to all high school students. Anyone who has a passion for biology is welcome to register! This year, the competition will be an online exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions in an hour on February 11, 2021. Student registration for the test closes December 11, so please fill out this registration form if you are interested. In addition, please respond to the email sent out about the exam so that you will be copied on future emails and email if you have any questions!

Mrs. Murphy and Dr. Barovero

Firstly, a reminder to fill out the form to pick up any belongings that are necessary for your learning so that you can pick them up. An email with more details was recently sent out. Members of the Upper School Leadership Team would like to recognize various fall trimester accomplishments:

Kaitly Szot gold medal congressional award: 400 hrs community service, 200 hours personal development, 200 hours of physical fitness, and planning a 5 day 4 night trip all in 24 months.

92 students from the classes of 2020 and 2021 are recognized by the college board for demonstrating high achievement on AP exams this past school year.

Computer Science and Engineering Department / Ms. Bianco

We would like to recognize and congratulate Alayo Oloko for leading the first ever Kent Place School Hackathon! Alayo envisioned this event last year and it became a reality on the first day of Thanksgiving break. Alayo and the hackathon team facilitated a 12-hour event for students passionate about computer science and creating programs that benefit others. Students from KPS and several other schools participated in this event that included workshops, a panel of women in computer science, and lots of program development time. Congratulations to Alayo and the hackathon team for their tireless efforts and enthusiasm that made this event possible!

Community Service

Today is Giving Tuesday! It is celebrated each year, typically after black friday and cyber monday, and is meant to encourage giving. On our instagram page’s story we have posted organizations to donate to and support on this day of giving.


DICHOS is sending out a Google folder for students to submit pictures and writings in. The pictures can be from both inside and outside the United States. When putting the pictures in your folder, please label which country and city it was taken in. The writings must be in a different language. They can be poems, an excerpt from an essay, or any other literature you have written in the language. When submitting, click on your grade’s folder and inside add a folder with your name on it. Thank you!


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