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11/29/21 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Mrs. Murphy

1) The Dining Hall will begin using reusable plates and utensils again! Freshmen and Sophomores need to still ask for disposable plates and utensils since they have to eat in the main building. 2) Since the second trimester has begun, late points will begin. 3) STAR rehearsals will begin today and will occur at various times throughout the coming weeks so be sure to check the weekly updates for rehearsal schedules.


Reminder about Blizzard Ball next Friday! Keep an eye out for more info! All Upper School students are invited to come!

Kent Place Art Gallery

Introducing the opening of the first show in the ALL NEW KENT PLACE GALLERY! The show is of works by Juno Zago, a Brazilian artist focused on work with vibrant colors and unexpected details.

Disability Education Alliance

The Disability Education Alliance has a meeting today at 10:30 in Ms. Woodring’s room. We are going to be talking about the Medical Model of Disability vs. the Social Model and how these relate to the group Autism Speaks. We also have an opportunity to highlight students with disabilities in honor of the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. We will discuss the details of this opportunity during our meeting today.

History Club

History Club is meeting this Thursday during club break. We will be making pancakes while talking about how pancake batter was used as explosives during WW2.


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