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11/19/21 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Ms. Hager

The schedule has been altered for trimester 2 so that our lunch block is 40 minutes! With this change we must make sure to stop and start classes that occur before and after the lunch block promptly. This is extremely important because we had to take off 5 minutes of class time to accommodate the change.

Mrs. Murphy

Sign in will begin to count after Thanksgiving Break so make sure to start getting into the habit of getting here on time. Good job to the freshmen and sophomores for all remembering to sign in on Thursday and Friday.

Ms. Walden

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Silent Sky! Also, way to go sophomores for being the grade with the most participation (you will be getting a pizza party soon).

Model United Nations (MUN)

Applications for ILMUNC are due this Sunday, 11/21. If you're a member of MUN it's on the groups page! All are encouraged to apply, ask Eirian, Nedd, or Kristine if you have any questions.

Community Service

Hi everyone! We are starting up our annual Snowman Gift Exchange which is an opportunity for you all to sponsor a gift for a child in need this holiday season. We will be in the tiled area today, Monday, and Tuesday so please stop by and volunteer to sponsor a gift!!


Save the date: Blizzard Ball is on December 10th! Get excited! It will be a night of fun activities and community bonding. We will also be hosting another event of this nature in January that you can bring friends from outside KP to.


Thank you to everyone who came out to IndiaFest, and a special thank you to all of the student volunteers!!


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