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10 Fun Things to Do When You Are Bored (based off of the Staycation poll)

You know when you are bored and just don’t know WHAT to do! (And I don’t mean procrastinating!) If so, try to do one of these fun, easy things!

*Note: the gifs/images do not correspond to the websites*

1. KNIT or sew (or How to do Basic Knitting)

2. Facetime or ZOOM a friend!

3. Write a Starboard Article!!!! (How to Submit to Starboard)

4. Make a SCRAPBOOK!

5. Make SLIME! (Slime Recipe)


6. BAKE!!!!! (Cupcake Recipe)

7. Do a PUZZLE!

8. Draw or PAINT!

9. Meditate or do YOGA! (Beginner Yoga Poses)

10. Go ask your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, etc. for OLD FAMILY RECIPES!!! (Top 10 Pizzeria's in NJ)


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