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1/6/23 Announcements

Ms. Murphy’s Weekly Announcements: here

Ms. Murphy

As you know, construction will be occurring in the building after school hours to repair the damage from the flood. If you are staying after school, please keep out of the CFI area during this area so as not to hinder workers. The library is still available! Also a quick note on visitors- all visitors, even alumni, need to sign in at the front desk before entering the building. On behalf of the Wellness Committee, I’d like to announce January as Thank You month! In honor of this, appreciation stations will be set up in grade lounges. Use these to write messages to people you are grateful for in the Kent Place community! Also, please continue taking down locker and classroom door decorations. Lastly, affinity groups will be meeting next week.


Get excited for Project Prism, the GSA's annual event where we invite other schools for an evening that is half social, half discussion groups. This year’s Project Prism will be held on January 27th in the Mabie House. We are in need of volunteers, so please consider signing up to bake for the event, lead discussion groups, or to help with setup and ushering. Look out for emails to follow with more information!

Dr. Barovero

Mid-trimester comments are coming out at the end of January! Department comment writing days will start next week, the first one occurring on 1/12.

KPS x DelBarton Alliance

Delbarton is having their Black History Month event on February 16th!!! The theme is BLACK JOY! There will be a lot of fun, delicious food, and cultural learning and appreciation! They have invited Kent Place and Oak Knoll to run the event with them. We need people to volunteer at cultural tables, be one of the main art performances, bring in food, and help in general. More information for the specific roles is provided in the questions on this form. You will need to be available the week of the 16th for a zoom call at 8pm to go over details and get direct instructions and guidance (most likely the 18th). You don't have to have your art/table/etc. ready, but just voice your commitment to do your part and be there. Thank you and reach out to Stephanie James, Maya Lalani, or Aadya Bharadwaj if you have any questions.


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