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1/19/21 Announcements

Mr. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: here

Online Clubs - Meetings/Links/Schedules: here

Ms. Hager, Mrs. Murphy, and Dr. Barovero

Please remember that students are required to watch the recording of yesterday's MLK Day event if they did not attend the live event. As my email yesterday indicated, the entire program is worth your attention but our discussion this week will focus on the last 90 minutes. Please also reference that email for a link to a document to contribute ideas and questions for our discussion on Thursday. Those discussions will take place during C Block in advisory.

VP elections are coming up and if you wish to run you need to reach out to Olivia Kwon by Friday at 3:30pm. All additional information regarding the elections will be sent in various emails.

Upper School students are now allowed to use the library during break. All cameras should be turned on during class.

Community Service Committee and Bedtime Stories 2.0

Chocolate hearts sale is a fundraiser in which the committee delivers little bags of chocolates to members of our community that are ordered/ sent by other members of the community. The profits from this event will all be donated to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. The form to send one will be sent soon.

Hi everyone! I am Alex Sinins, from 11th grade. As some of you might know, during the spring I started what is now a program called Bedtime Stories. It is for Upper School students to connect with Primary School students during a time of physical distancing and preserve Kent Place's value of sisterhood, and it is starting up again. Every Upper Schooler is paired with a primary school student or it might be a family to read, do crafts, play virtual games, and connect with. It is completely flexible. Once matched you can reach out to the parent of your primary schooler so you can connect whenever is most convenient for you. It is an amazing opportunity to gain mentorship skills, connect with a younger girl, and is so rewarding and fun! I look forward to my FaceTime with Cami, my primary schooler, each week, and I hope you all sign up. I am going to send an email out after Morning Meeting with an interest form and there will also be an information/training session. Thank you!


Bridges will be having a run this Friday the 22nd! Be sure to bring in lunches and turn in your permission slips for the run ASAP. There are only 5 spots and it is decided on a first come first serve basis. January 29 is our first Bridges run of the year to New York City! If you're interested in volunteering for one of five spots, look for the link Ms. Gordon will send after Morning Meeting, print it out, and bring it back signed to Mrs. Murphy's office. If you're virtual, get it signed and email Mrs. Murphy a photo or scan of the form starting tomorrow morning. Seniors, esp. those who haven't gone on a run before, get priority. If we get a lot of volunteers, we'll choose by lottery.

GSA Movie Night

Due to the pandemic we are not able to have a Project Prism. Please come out to GSA movie night this Friday at 6:30pm! We will be watching The Prom on Netflix. See you there!


WINDWARD COFFEE HOUSE PROMPTS! With the Coffee House coming up (date tbd) we created a photo and writing prompt and would love for you all to participate!

Photo prompt- Create a magazine cover featuring what you think should be shown to the world. You have the opportunity to take a previous magazine cover (Vogue, New York Times, National Geographic, etc.) and recreate an old cover, or create an entirely new magazine and cover. You are able to take this prompt in any direction you please!

Writing prompt- in any form of writing you please, write a piece responding to a magazine cover that sparks your interest (can be fascination, anger, anything). *You can write a piece responding to your own work.


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