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1/14/22 Announcements

A Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Dr. Barovero

Remote Learning is only for students who are in quarantine and asymptomatic. Students who are symptomatic need to take a "sick day" and not attend classes remotely. No other students are allowed to access classes remotely.

Junior State

JSA's annual Winter Congress is being held on the 26th and 27th of February! Winter Congress gives JSAers the opportunity to write and present their own bills to the Congress of the Mid-Atlantic state and Texas. We are going to send out a form for anyone interested in writing a bill and/or attending. We are not yet sure if the entire convention will be virtual or if it will be one day in person and one day virtual so please keep that in mind. Even if it is the hybrid option and you are not comfortable being in person for the one day we still encourage you to sign up to write a bill with us because it is always a lot of fun.


GSA's annual project prism is being held on January 28th from 6-8:30pm in the great room! Project prism is a social event with fun games and discussion all LGBTQIA related. There may also be some baked goods for you to bring home afterwards. We are sending out a form for anyone (club member or not) who wants to help set up or run a discussion group. Allies are, as always, welcome and encouraged :)


Swimming had a great three meets this week. We won against Villa and lost to Summit and Westfield. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Summit meet!


I'm happy to announce our annual Coffeehouse is next Friday from 6-8 PM. There's gonna be music, games, and fun, and it will be a great place to share any art or writing! I hope everyone shows up!

Social Committee

Cookie grams will be running through January 28th! You can send a cookie to anyone in the middle or upper school for $2. If you have any questions email Ayana McMillan.

Athletic Association

Final round of ping pong is today during break! Annabel Walter and Elizabeth Sorvino Mancini will be facing off.

Bridges Run

There will be a Bridges run on January 28th from 6-9pm so please get those permission slips in and start making those lunches!

Eirian Huang

VP Elections are next Wed, the deadline to let Eirian know you're running is today at 3:30. See email I sent last week for more info.


Kent Place performance company will be having two shows next Friday the 21st at 9:30am and 2:30pm. Ms. Walden sent out an email with the signupgenius a couple days ago or you can click this link. Hope to see you all there!


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