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We’ve all had some point in our lives where we feel stressed, sad, or bored, and we need to relax and put our minds at ease. Of course, everyone is different in how they do that, but this page is here to offer up some new and some beloved ways to relax, curated for students by students. Enjoy!

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Cooking Videos

These videos calm my soul. I legitimately don’t think that there is anything more satisfying than watching someone just cook and make a beautiful dessert. There is something very therapeutic about these videos, and I feel like I could honestly watch them for hours.

Coloring Pages

Fun Articles

These articles always cheer me up! Whether I’m having a bad day or just bored, the LOL page on Starboard has always been my favorite place to go. These are some of my favorite articles, but I honestly love just scrolling through all of them!

Coloring is a very beloved thing that many people enjoy doing when they’re bored or need to rest their mind. Here’s a site with random coloring pages, ranging from incredible to no detail, with a ton of different designs!


Games can always help us take our minds off of stuff, especially ones from our childhood that have a sense of nostalgia to them. These are some games I love, and I hope you love them too!

Enneagram Test

& Playlist

 This test will show you your personality type by answering simple questions about yourself. Once you find your type, the playlist linked below displays a song for each personality type.

Mental Health Help by KPS Students

These articles have advice from students, for students. Check them out!


These are student-made playlists that I love to listen to all the time. You can also submit your own!

Daily Wellness

 Everyone gets stressed sometimes and needs some daily wellness help. 

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