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By Zarah Bari and Molly Kelley

Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka 

On Sunday April 21, bombs were set off across Sri Lanka killing hundreds. In the morning, attacks took place at three churches and three hotels in three separate cities scattered around the island. More attacks happened in the afternoon, one being at a small guesthouse and one at what was the suspect’s safe house. More than 300 people are dead and around 500 are wounded due to the attacks. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Officials are now also saying that they also are likely to have had help from abroad. The Sri Lanka government has input their opinion that the bombings might be in reaction to the Christchurch bombings in New Zealand last month and that two groups may be responsible for the attacks, rather than just one. The F.B.I has now joined the investigation in response to claims that the Sri Lanka government received warnings of the attacks in the days before the bombings and failed to take action.

Source:  "Grief, Anger and Recriminations in Sri Lanka as ISIS Claims It Staged Bomb Attacks," New York Times


What are students saying? 

“I think it's interesting that certain U.S.government officials say they are opposed to engaging in international problems, but don’t really follow through on not engaging,” (Sophia Paris ‘21).

“I am curious as to what is going on today in Sri Lanka; events often get a lot of coverage when they happen, but I would like to know more about how their recovery is going,” (Ms. Cohen).

Democrats Announce 2020 Run for Presidency


The 2020 presidential democratic field has become the most diverse in primary history. Senator Kamala Harris of California announced on Monday, January 21, that she will run for president. Harris was elected to the Senate in 2016 after serving as California's attorney general. Speculation that Harris was planning to run started when she launched her memoir book tour earlier in January. Thus far, her campaign has emphasized democracy, equality, and justice. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey announced his run for the presidency on February 1, 2019. Senator Booker was the first black senator of New Jersey and has previously served as the mayor of Newark. In his announcement video, he focused on community, inclusiveness, and hope, which are very similar values to those Obama pressed in his campaign. Besides Senator Booker and Harris, three other women and Julián Castro, who served as the  United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama, have announced their decision to campaign. Additionally, former 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders has announced his candidacy. Sanders is a democratic socialist who is one of the most outspoken politicians against President Trump.


What are students saying? 

“I’m excited to see people of color as candidates. it’s great to see more diversity in politics, but we still have a long way to go. this is definitely a step forward, but there is still progress to make” - Alex P (‘21)

“I think it’s exciting that a candidate from New Jersey is running. It’s also important to have a variety of opinion” - Miranda L. (22)

Karl Lagerfeld Passes Away at 85

Karl Lagerfeld, a designer, passed away on February 19, 2019 in Paris, France. Lagerfeld was one of the most iconic and influential designers of the 20th century, best known for his contributions as the creative director of Chanel. He came to the helm of Chanel in 1983 and turned the fashion house into a worldwide power. Lagerfeld is also credited with turning Paris into a fashion center of the world and will be remembered for his signature dark glasses, silver ponytail, and fingerless gloves.

Avengers: Endgame Breaks Records

After a heartbreaking ending to Avengers: Infinity War last year, Marvel fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of the next movie. The long awaited Avengers: Endgame hit theaters Thursday night in the U.S, earning $60 million, making it the top grossing Thursday preview ever. The movie currently has a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes, beating out it’s counterpart last year. Close to a third of people said they are going to see the three hour long movie a second time in theaters. The actors have been on a close watch for spoilers and barely allowed to talk about the film. Furthermore, only one actor was allowed to read the script, Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man. The movie wraps up a twenty-two movie journey that began with Iron Man in 2008, and wraps up the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source:  "‘Avengers: Endgame’ Rests At $357M+ Opening Record; Eyes $33M+ Monday & Record $180M 2nd Frame; Weekend Biz Hits $401M+ High," Deadline 

What are students saying? 

“I was immediately very excited after Infinity War for this film to come out, because I hoped that it would give every character the story that they deserved. I’ve been following these stories since Iron Man and although it was very bittersweet, I knew that at least everyone in the cast was satisfied with how much Marvel had impacted their careers over the years. It was a very good movie and as a devoted fan, I wasn’t disappointed,” (Nyatché M ‘21).

“I saw the movie on the 26th and I have never felt so happy yet sad about a film like this ever before. I loved watching the outcome of the events, yet I’m sad because it feels like the end,” (Gabriella D ‘22).

16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s National Emergency

President Trump has declared a state of national emergency in response to Republican hopes for a border wall. He declared this emergency in order to make money available to build the wall he promised in his 2016 campaign. In response, 16 states and the ACLU have filed a lawsuit in federal court against this declaration. They plan to challenge his use of executive power and deem his actions unconstitutional, especially because Congress is meant to control government spending. Various presidents have exercised their emergency powers in the past, but it has never before been used to bypass Congress after funding is rejected.


What are students saying? 

"I think this is a very interesting issue because it is an example of how the President has bypassed the checks and balances, so this could be seen as a stepping stone to changing government and inspire later presidents to use their executive power like this." - Elizabeth M. ('21)

"It seems like Trump is trying to go through loopholes to fund the border wall and has realized he doesn't have the support he needs, so he can't follow the usual protocol." - Anna P. ('21)

Polar Vortex Causes Record-Low Temperatures across the US


Chicago, IL

Over twenty people have died so far due to record-low temperatures across the United States. Temperatures have gotten so low that throughout the Midwest, frostbite and hypothermia can happen in just a few minutes. In cities across North Dakota and Minnesota, wind chill reached sixty degrees below zero. In Chicago, temperatures fell below negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Chicago residents also reported hearing a loud boom, which was a result of a frost quake. “This is the coldest air many of us will have ever experienced,” says the Des Moines, Iowa office of the National Weather Service. The cold temperatures hindered American citizen’s daily lives. More than 2,300 flights were canceled and another 3,500 delayed due to the polar vortex, roads became increasingly dangerous, schools had to shut down, and mail services were suspended in six states. The polar vortex also caused a record-low cold sweep in other parts of the US along with Canada.


What are students saying?

“This polar vortex is a huge issue because climate change doesn’t just mean global warming. It also means that the temperature and weather are changing drastically from what they should be.” - Audrey A. (21)

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