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Friday 4/ 26/19


SIS Notes !!! Students (9th, 10th, 11th) and faculty can submit messages to the seniors that will be posted on Starboard by the end of May. Look out for the form in your email, and please submit by May 6.


We have a meeting today!


A couple of track stars went to Penn relays, came back with Tshirts, medals, a plaque, and a new 4x4 school record!!!

Ms. Thomas

Congrats to Orchestra for such a great concert on Thursday night.

Carol Gordon

Assembly today: Committee vp and president elections for the upcoming school year. Please be prompt in coming to the Great Room, and be prepared to vote during assembly (phone or laptop). Seniors, you have a vote and an important voice, so we ask for your full participation.


In honor of earth week our last FAB meeting we did a presentation on the problem with the fast fashion industry and explained ways in which to counter it. We will be sending out this presentation and at the end I compiled a google document of resources including an ethical fashion directory, tons of sustainable/ethical brands, articles, and more.

Gabrielle Alpert

Softball had two wins this week!

Senior Class Bake Sale

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Senior Bake Sale. It was a huge success! We also wanted to give a special shoutout to Keili and Stacey for running the bake sale at one point and helping us clean up. GO 2019!

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