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Monday, 2/11/19 (A Week)

Chamber Singers

The Chamber singers performed for Valentine's Day.

Keerthi Jayaraman

Forgot to buy Chocolate Hearts? Well today's your lucky day! We will be selling Chocolate Hearts for 2 extra days! Go to the tiled area to purchase them today through Wednesday :))

Michelle Murphy

Scheduling nights are coming soon: the Freshmen’s is tonight and the Sophomore’s is on Wednesday.

We are looking for students in grades 9-12 interested in being part of the BYOD test group during the current school year. - Participants are chosen by the BYOD task force - Bring in your personal Apple laptop (wait for notice of approval) - Parent approval required - Participants will complete weekly feedback forms If you are interested, please respond to this survey by Monday, 2/18.


The Swim Team had our final meet last Friday against Oak Knoll, and we won for the first time in many years. We had an incredible season overall and would like to thank all of our supporters!


Ballast has an important & unique meeting tomorrow in Dr. Porterfield's room at 11:30 during Club/Break! We will be talking about the role of bias in journalism and how this knowledge can enhance our paper. If you consider yourself a member of Ballast, please be there, as this will be important information to have for future article writing.


Fencing has their Senior Day today against MKA at 4:30 in the gym. We hope you can all come and support!

Mu Alpha Theta / Math Department

Peer tutoring by current and prospective Mu Alpha Theta members will begin this week. The link will be posted on the Math Studio page so you can check tutors' availability.

Pep Squad

Pep Squad will be taking squad photos today at break.


Grace Morris discussed what her black heritage means to her.

Maya Vuchic

Valentine's Day is coming up, so help KP get in the spirit by knitting some hearts! Use this pattern for a quick and easy knit to help decorate the Great Room with some love.

Mock Trial

We just wanted to thank the community for supporting Mock Trial this season! Our season has come to an end, but we finished strong with a 5-1 record. Thank you to Mr. Morey and Mr. Garde our coaches, and a special thanks to Ms. Greene and Mr. Thornhill for coming to watch our trials! Also, we have the Mock Trial picture today at 10:30.

Girls Outdoors

Girls Outdoors had a great winter outing yesterday! Thank you to our chaperones and to everyone who came!

Ski Trips

Our trip is next Friday! Permission slips are due by this Friday, so please hand them in to Ms. Murphy by Friday at 3:30 pm! Thanks so much, and we hope you can make it.

Lit Loose

Lit Loose is meeting in the library during the second half of conference for our photo. Please come if you consider yourself a member.

Ice Hockey

Last Friday we played IHA in the prep-state semi-finals and unfortunately did not win, but we have two big games this week! Today we play Oak knoll at Rock Ice at 4:00 and if we win we get the Summit cup for the fourth year in a row. On Thursday we have the MUGIHL championship game against Chatison at 7:00 at Union Sports Arena.

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