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Friday 5/4/18 (B Week)

Mrs. Woodall

Please return borrowed ID cards to Mrs. Sullivan or make appropriate arrangements if you've lost your card.


GLAM'D has elections on Friday during Club/Break! It is important that all members are present in order to vote for our new leadership!


As mentioned in the email we sent out a couple days ago, May is Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month! Because of that, we want to bring attention to some lesser known but no less significant Asian or Pacific American historical figures -- the first one being Arunima Sinha! Sinha is the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest, and she in fact visited KPS a couple years ago! Stay tuned for more announcements like these!

Chorale/ Chamber Singers

Everyone in Chorale is in a concert in NYC tonight!


Yesterday, Track and Field attended the Union County Relay Championship and had countless outstanding performances. Here are the results:The Sprint Medley Relay team of Kaira Brown, Catherine Torres, Maggie Stanton and Grace Morris got 3rd Place. The Discus Relay team of Julie Soldat, Jilly Sher and Rebecca Del Rio got 3rd place. Julie had the second highest throw of the meet at 93.5 ft. Catherine Torres broke the long jump record of 16 ft. and 4.5 in. with a jump of 16 ft. and 9 in. Josie Daab, Abigail Evangelista and Rebecca Del Rio broke the Javelin Relay record of 201 set my Abigail, Rebecca and Kiana McQuade in the last meet with a final total of 223.5 ft. Maggie Stanton beat her personal records in the 800 and 1200. Grace Morris beat her personal record in the 200.Abigail beat her personal record in long jump.

Ms. Gordon

AP Exams start Monday. Be sure to check my email for the schedule. I will also send reminders and logistical details.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club has a meeting today! We will be talking about Vejigante masks and next year! We have bagels!

BCA BCA will be holding elections today! If you consider yourself a member, please come!

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