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3 Snow Days before Spring Break: A Mood in 18 Gifs

All images are sourced from Giphy

Getting ready to leave school on Tuesday and happily taking all your books home because you just KNEW there was going to be a snow day tomorrow:

Excitedly waiting for Mr. Carty’s call:

Finally receiving his amazing news:

Actually getting some sleep for once:

On Wednesday, trying to finish all your homework before 3:30:

Being jealous of younger siblings who *don’t have homework* and watching other kids enjoy the snow:

But also really appreciating the well-needed extra time you had to finish your major assignments:

Especially if that major assignment was your CHP:

When anyone tried to tell you there wasn’t going to be another snow day:

Being right and getting another call from your favorite person, Mr. Carty:

Celebrating Women’s Day and remembering how much you love your Lady Dragons:

Losing power:

Trying to get out of your house:

Shoveling snow and making little progress:

Learning that Spring Break will include homework:

Realizing Snow Days aren’t perfect:

Hoping for another one anyway:

Getting that call on Thursday night and settling into Spring Break mood:


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