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10/25/21 Announcements

B Week

Mrs. Murphy’s Weekly Updates: Here

Student Affairs

The themes for each spirit day are listed on this slideshow.

Junior State of America

Junior State of America’s Fall State convention is being held in November! You can go to either the November 6-7th convention which will be two days virtual or the 13-14th convention will be a one day hybrid and one day virtual. The keynote speaker will be Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston, Texas. Fall State is filled with a ton of fun debate and activity blocks where you can meet people from all over the Mid-Atlantic region and debate anything from your favorite book or pressing current events issues. If you are at all interested in attending the event please fill out this interest form we send out so that we can let you know what you need to do to sign up.

KP Democrats

We will be having a bake sale to raise money for Afghan refugees (click this link to sign up). They are currently staying in the Fort Dix military base and they need money for when they leave. It will be on November 9th. We will send out a google doc for those who are interested in baking. We will also be having a school supply drive for the kids as they need these materials to help them learn English. This drive will be from October 25th to October 29th.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial will hold its first meeting on Saturday, Oct. 30, 9:30 AM-12:00 Noon in room 239. Mr. Morey and Attorney Coach Mr. Garde will be there to help get us moving!

Lit Loose

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the competition so far. Please look at the document with the rules in the Google Drive folder. Then correct your book log if what you entered does not comply with these rules. Thanks.

Varsity Volleyball

Varsity volleyball won the Union County Tournament, making us 1st in the county and 7th in the state! Huge thank you to everyone who came to support; the energy in the gym was insane, and we definitely could not have done it without you all.


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